Sean Hannity Sort of Confesses to Brain Damage While Attacking Obama For Wearing a Bike Helmet

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Wednesday, March, 5th, 2014, 8:04 pm

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While attacking President Obama for wearing a bike helmet, Sean Hannity explained a lot by admitting that he flew over the handlebars on his bike, and that his “friends” pushed him into cars.


Sean Hannity hosted a couple of guests who claimed that President Obama is weak and considered a clown by the Russian people. Hannity claimed that the Russian media had a picture of a shirtless Putin compared to President Obama wearing his bike helmet. Hannity said, ” I mean the picture of him on that bicycle with that goofy hat on. Look, I’m going to be honest. As a parent, did I make my kids wear that goofy helmet while they were learning to ride a bike wear that goofy helmet? Yeah, but when I grew up all I did was ride my bike. I never wore a helmet not once, not one time. And guess what? I had newspapers. and guess what? I went over the handlebars, and my friends pushed me into cars. We pushed each other into cars. We survived. I mean, it’s embarrassing.”

I’ll bet Hannity wishes that we had a real president like George W. Bush, who would never be caught dead wearing a…..


I think a lot people would argue with Hannity’s claim that he turned out fine. In fact, the revelation that his “friends” pushed him into cars explains quite a bit.

If you want to know why conservative talk radio is dying, Sean Hannity’s attempt to paint President Obama as weak because he wears a bike helmet is exhibit one. The idea here is that Obama isn’t a real man because he won’t risk Hannity level brain damage by not wearing a bike helmet. All presidents have to wear bike helmets. Nobody wants to see the President Of The United States to suffer a brain injury because of a bike accident.

I hate to break it to Sean, but a lot of his hero Vlad Putin’s manly photo ops are staged.

Recently, Rush Limbaugh attacked President Obama for watching television. Not to be outdone, Hannity railed about the damage done to our national prestige because Obama wears a bike helmet.

These guys will attack the president for anything, but we at least we now know why Sean Hannity is the way he is.

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