Republicans Crushed as New Forecast Shows That Obamacare Will Smash Its Enrollment Goal

Republicans Crushed as New Forecast Shows That Obamacare Will Smash Its Enrollment Goal

John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

A new forecast by Charles Gaba contains a devastating prediction for Republicans. The expert Obamacare signups tracker predicts that the ACA will smash its enrollment goal of 6 million, by the end of the month.

Mr. Gaba has been delivering incredibly accurate predictions about the ACA on his blog, His latest prediction would be a nail in the Republicans’ anti-Obamacare coffin. Gaba predicts that the final sign up total will be 6.22 million by the end of March. If this is forecast is accurate, it will mean that the ACA smashed through its revised CBO goal of 6 million sign ups. All Republicans hopes of being able to claim that the law is a total failure hinge on Obamacare missing the enrollment goal.

As people continue to enroll at a brisk clip before the March 31 deadline, it is becoming obvious that the White House is going to meet their goal. The demand for access to affordable healthcare should serve as another reminder to Democrats that they should avoid getting suckered into the Republican trap of abandoning the Affordable Care Act.

The term Obamacare may not poll well, but the provisions of the Affordable Care Act do. Democrats need to stop running away from Obamacare, and start challenging Republicans on their plan for healthcare. Any Democrat that runs away from the ACA will be playing into the hands of their Republican opponent this November.

The enrollment data is proof that there is fertile ground available for Democrats on the healthcare issue. Instead of running from it, Democrats need to stand up and fight for the gains that are in the ACA. The American people want affordable healthcare, and they want a political party that will fight for them.

It is time for Democrats to be that party.


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