Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Says People Who Disagree With Her are Stoning God

Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Says People Who Disagree With Her are Stoning God

Sally KernDo you remember Republican Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern? Back in 2011, she self-published book, The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism. Yes, it means what you think it means: she ranks herself amongst the great martyrs of history. Why? Because she said some truly reprehensible things about homosexuality and people responded about as you’d expect: they were offended.

Well, you know what it means when you’re offended by the hate-filled rhetoric of the Religious Right: You’re persecuting them.

Here’s how it started: In March 2008 she told a small gathering that the gay “agenda” is a bigger threat to our country than terrorists. Her speech was recorded and released to the public and then the fun started, resulting in her self-pitying, self-published book. Fast forward to September 2011, and we find her talking to Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality to whom she reiterats her claim, saying,

It’s more dangerous, and yes I think that it’s also more dangerous because it will tear down the moral fiber of this nation. We were founded as a nation upon the principles of religion and morality, if we take those out from under our society we will lose what has made us a great nation, we will no longer be a virtuous people, which we see happening already. And without virtue this nation will not survive.

Appearing recently on a radio program, In the Market, Kern again stood by that claim complained about being made out to be an idiot for making that claim so that she’ll “be intimidated and not speak out anymore.” This is where most sane people might shrug and say, “Welllllllll…”

But the oft-stoned Kern felt the need to justify her words to host Janet Parhsall, because, well, maybe we just didn’t understand:

I was using what I used as a teacher, you know when you’re teaching high school students you try to find something they can relate to, to share a concept with, so they can grasp the concept better. So everybody understands terrorism destroys people’s lives, it destroys property. All I meant was, all I was saying was the homosexual agenda is destroying people’s lives. More people have died from AIDS than have died from a terrorist attack here in America. It’s destroying the moral fiber of our nation, that’s all I meant.

No, it still sounds idiotic. Sorry.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the best way to avoid being taken as an idiot is to avoid saying idiotic things. Just sayin’.

But then it turns out that when we are stoning Sally Kern, we are really stoning God himself:

“\It just broke my heart because so often what they were doing, they weren’t just stoning me, they were stoning and desecrating the God that I love.

Oh, so now God needs Rep. Sally Kern to defend him? I am going to out on a limb here again and suggest that a God who need a mere mortal to protect him isn’t much of a God.

Oh Sally…

There was just so much hate, they accuse me of being hateful, and I never once said anything hateful. Such hate expressed against the Lord and against his word and then the way they, I mean these people, I believe these people, I believe scripture teaches this, they’re deceived and to me the real hate is from those people who say, ‘you’re born this way and you can’t change, deal with it.

Of course, except that the people who say “You’re born this way” aren’t saying “deal with it.” They’re saying, “Celebrate it.” There is a difference. Can’t expect Kern to admit that because that would demand that Kern be honest, and we can’t have that, can we?

Oh, and the denials of hate? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit what she said back in 2008 to what she thought at the time would be a room of 50 people:

No, that’s not hateful at all, is it, Sally? Having listened to Kern’s hate-filled scree, read what she had to say in her book about the “hateful” attacks on her:

As I sat reading the e-mails, each one hit me like a sharp stone, breaking my heart and filling my eyes with tears. I had never experienced such hate or seen such vulgarity in my life. The hurt seemed to cut right into my soul. It was not just that I was being hurt, but that the truth of God’s Word was being stoned and desecrated.

So here is how it works in the warped mind of Sally Kern: comparing gays to terrorists is not hateful, but calling her an idiot for saying it IS hateful? Really? Being called a terrorist is a worse insult than being called an idiot, isn’t it? And not just terrorists, but people who are destroying “virtue” and the civilization itself.

And if we disagree with you, we are stoning God?

You’re an idiot, Sally. That’s not hateful. It’s just the truth.


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