Bill Maher Tells Democrats To Stand Their Ground and Stop Apologizing For Obamacare

Bill Maher Tells Democrats To Stand Their Ground and Stop Apologizing For Obamacare


Bill Maher had strong words for Democrats as he urged the party to stand their ground, and stop apologizing for Obamacare.


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Maher said:

Now, last week in this space I congratulated Democrats for finally learning how to use the right words to sell their ideas. This week I am going to ask for something in return, that they actually own those ideas. Stand your ground.

When a tea partier says Obamacare is a government takeover, say I wish because that would mean Medicare for all. You know, Medicare is hugely popular in America. So let’s see, getting behind something that’s hugely popular for all? No, too hard a sale.

A year ago, Kaiser polled Americans on what they thought of Obamacare’s individual provisions. Eight percent liked the idea of exchanges, 76% liked the idea of kids staying on their plan, 71% liked Medicaid expansion, two thirds liked the ban on preexisting conditions. Half the people in the survey were like, why don’t we get Congress to do these things? Oh you mean the things the Democrats have already done, but are keeping it a big secret.

No wonder the Republicans have such an easy time selling their argument about Obamacare, which is basically, hey we tried it, it was a big failure. How about volleying that one back with, what? We’re still signing people up for Christ sakes, how can we know if it is a failure. What we do know is that Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum said it would kill their children. No, you guys are thinking of assault rifles.

We also know that in 2010, Republican Sen. Tom Colburn said there will be no insurance industry left in three years. Always the drama queens. The Republicans run ad after ad of Obamacare horror stories, but where are the success stories from the Democrats? You just need someone whose seen a gynecologist, not Bigfoot.

Shoot a college kid on your phone. Hi, I’m Tony. I got the clap while on spring break. Good thing I was on my parents’ plan because now it doesn’t hurt when I pee. Thanks, Obamacare. It’s not like you are trying to sell a Vince Vaughn movie. This is a good thing.

Maher used the example of the treatment of Jimmy Carter to highlight how Democrats meekly go along when Republicans create a false theme, like Carter’s failed presidency.

Bill Maher was right. Democrats need to stop being conned by Republicans into running away from their accomplishments that voters like. It is unbelievable to think that Democratic candidates around the country don’t understand that by apologizing for Obamacare, they are buying into what Republicans are selling, and giving the GOP a favorable electoral environment.

Republicans only want to discuss their version of the ACA. They don’t want to discuss the fact that the actual components of the law are popular with people, or what it would mean if the ACA were repealed.

By not standing their ground, and defending the law that they voted for, Democrats are setting up the perfect conditions for defeat. When Republicans call Obamacare a disaster, the first word out any Democrat’s mouth should be no, and then a discussion of how Republicans are hiding behind Obamacare to avoid talking about jobs, the economy, equal pay, the minimum wage, immigration, or any of the other dozens of issues that Republicans refuse to discuss.

Democrats need to start being the party of yes we can, and stop apologizing for yes we did.

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