Paul Ryan Criticizes Your Work Ethic While Working 4 Days Before Taking an 18 Day Vacation

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Friday, April, 11th, 2014, 8:34 pm

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Americans are willing to exert themselves and put out inordinate efforts to produce or accomplish something, particularly if it involves labor at a job or activity that they do regularly in order to earn money; if they have a job at all. Republicans claim the primary problem with Americans is that they are lazy, or indolent, because of their disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. What makes Republican claims that Americans are lazy and hate the idea of working offensive is their predilection over the past five years to deliberately kill jobs to eliminate the opportunity for hardworking Americans to labor in order to earn money and be self-sustaining. However, Republicans hardly discuss the few very lucky people who have exceptionally well-paying jobs with the finest employee benefit programs, but because of their disinclination to activity despite having the ability to work, spend more time avoiding their job than the majority of Americans regardless they have important tasks to accomplish.

Last month Republican Paul Ryan asserted that the problem with inner-city men (African-American men) was they were stuck in a “culture of not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with.” He also cited Charles Murray, a conservative social scientist, who asserts that African-Americans are less intelligent than whites due to genetic differences and that poverty remains a national problem becausea lot of poor people are born lazy.” Ryan was assailed for the implicit racism in his comments, but his racial animus aside, it is his hypocritical claim that men having trouble even finding jobs are somehow lazy and need to be dealt with by Republicans to teach them the value and culture of work. It is but another instance of Republicans projecting their culture and habits on other Americans because Republicans, particularly House Republicans, need to be dealt with harshly to teach them to learn the value and culture of work instead of “not even thinking about or learning the value of work.”

After working only four days this week, lazy Republicans who left a mountain of the people’s work unfinished will leave Washington for an 18 day vacation to pander to corporations for campaign donations because Republican Eric Cantor scheduled an undeserved and fully paid two-and-a-half week vacation. It is true that Republicans took the time and energy to pass Paul Ryan’s budget proposal yesterday, but even that was sheer laziness as the proposal was nothing more than a reiteration of the past three years’ Path to Prosperity budgets after Congress just passed, and the President signed, a two year budget in late December. One wonders how Ryan has the temerity to accuse inner-city African American men of being stuck “in a culture of not working and not thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work” when Republicans will only work 55 out of 209 days after their undeserved 18-day hiatus until the midterm elections in November.

Paul Ryan criticizes Americans who cannot find a decent job of being lazy slackers and poverty-level wage earners and retirees of being takers because they are forced to depend on government safety nets to survive, and yet he has spent the better part of his life living off the government (taxpayers) in one form or another. Even his debunked critical analysis and condemnation of anti-poverty programs was cherry-picked from other scholarly works and it is particularly offensive because he used it as his guide to propose eviscerating anti-poverty programs in the latest iteration of a budget to hand the wealthy and corporations’ massive tax cuts. Ryan is so lazy he even resurrected GOP man-god Ronald Reagan’s racial dog whistle when he claimed lazy inner-city (Black) men were responsible for the level of poverty destroying this nation and its economy. There was absolutely nothing in Ryan’s budget to create jobs for unemployed inner-city (Black) men or nothing whatsoever to grow the economy, and no, taking trillions out of the economy by raiding anti-poverty programs, eliminating pensions, privatizing Medicare, and giving more tax cuts to the rich will not create one job or grow the economy. The lazy slacker Ryan even pilfered the bizarre trickle-down economic theory from Reagan because intellectually Republicans are clueless how to stimulate the economy or create jobs and too lazy to explore new ideas or work with Democrats who do work to create jobs and grow the economy.

Americans should be enraged that their tax dollars are paying House Republicans outlandish salaries, including the finest healthcare benefits and pensions, while they only work about 113 days throughout 2014. The House  schedule was devised by Republican majority leader Eric Cantor who is just as lazy as the rest of the Republican caucus and, by the way, sponsored the Republican bill last year to eliminate overtime pay. Cantor, like Ryan, adamantly opposes raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits for millions of the long-term unemployed who would love having a job they would show up for and toil six days a week, 52 weeks a year to avoid depending on safety nets paid for by other taxpayers’ dollars. Republicans have no such integrity and have no problem working a third of the year on the taxpayers’ dime and then criticizing African Americans who cannot find decent jobs for not wanting to work and driving poverty.

Republicans have a lot of gall to vote to destroy anti-poverty programs, reject extending unemployment benefits, or raise the minimum wage because they claim they engender a culture of greedy takers and lazy inner-city (African American) men and then go on a paid 18-day vacation. Paul Ryan is the worst of them all because he has been a lifetime federal government “taker” and will spend a good part of his hiatus boasting to the filthy rich donors that his budget punishing “takers” passed the House earning him a well-deserved 18-day respite and millions in campaign donations. It is time to treat House Republicans the way they treat the American people and limit them to minimum wage, no overtime pay, no pension, no healthcare, no vacation time, and immediate termination for expecting more than one day off each week. Maybe then they will learn about the culture and value of work and realize the level of luxury they have working a third of the year earning bloated salaries, exorbitant pensions, and excellent benefits at taxpayer expense while doing absolutely nothing for anyone except their dark-money campaign donors the Koch brothers.


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