Two Years Later The Romneys Are Pathetically Still Trying to Prove That Mitt Pays Taxes

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Tuesday, April, 15th, 2014, 7:25 pm

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The Romneys can’t let it go. Josh Romney pathetically tweeted a picture of Mitt at the post office today as evidence that Mitt Romney pays his taxes every year.

Here is Josh Romney’s tweet taunt at Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

The fact that Mitt Romney is standing in line at the post office to pay his taxes demonstrates that he was unfit to lead the country. After all, Mitt his guys couldn’t figure out Gmail, so it makes total sense that he would go to the post office to mail in his tax return.

Josh Romney says that Mitt is paying his taxes, but are we really supposed to believe that gazillionaire Mitt Romney can slip his tax return into an envelope, throw a stamp on it, and be on his way?

Romney lost the election. It’s over. It’s been over for nearly nearly a year and a half now, but the Romney family just can’t let it go. Bitterness is apparently a family trait with the Romneys. Josh Romney thought that he was taking a shot at Harry Reid, but what Richie Rich really demonstrated is the family’s profound sense of entitlement. Mitt and Ann Romney acted like they were entitled to the White House. Ann Romney went as far as to proclaim that it was their turn to occupy the White House.

If Mitt Romney had nothing to hide, why did he refuse to release his tax returns? The excuses and the constant defensiveness on such a small matter never made sense.

All of this continued sad spin proves that the voters got it right in 2012 when they reelected Barack Obama.

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