Terrified of Hillary: Glenn Beck Thinks Clinton Will Claim to be a Lesbian to Win

Terrified of Hillary: Glenn Beck Thinks Clinton Will Claim to be a Lesbian to Win

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If you had any doubt as to the epistemic bubble in which the right wing breathe the recirculated air of other low information voters, this will fix it.

A foolish and misguided Glenn Beck said Hillary Clinton would announce she was a lesbian if she thought it would get her elected.

Watch here via Right Wing Watch:

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Right wing pundits should always avoid issues involving women, gays, minorities, and anything involving science,medicine, or facts because look what happened when a host brought up gay marriage to Glenn Beck….

Open the doors to Sterling’s locker room and what do we find? Glenn Beck hee-hawing it up about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian because oh my god woman with power scary man lurks inside!

Glenn Beck opined, “What I heard you just say is that Hillary came out last year? Because I didn’t think that had officially…”

Insert locker room titter and the implied self congratulatory high fives endemic among the low level functioning set who find junior high mean girl behavior the height of wit.

“… I’m telling you, Hillary Clinton will be having sex with a woman on the White House desk if it becomes popular. She’ll be like, ‘Look, the arc of history wasn’t ready for a President to be a lesbian.'”

Hee haw y’all! SO FUNNY.

Glenn Beck is not only so fringe as to be fired from Fox News, but he is a pretty big leader among right wing thought, and he’s quoted by the mainstream media as if he’s a sane person of political insight. So his “thoughts” are to be taken somewhat seriously, apparently.

That’s fine, as his “thoughts” reflect a substantial number of Right wing politicians and their base (see their adoration for: Zimmerman, Putin, Cliven Bundy, et al).

The huge, gaping flaw in the hee-haw logic in which Beck froths his paranoid, Visine-assisted con game is that Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to pretend to be a lesbian to get elected. She’s already leading in every single poll against every single Republican. She’s got such a lead she’s taking a stab at the white vote and the Southern red state vote. Obama won in a landslide in 2012, and Hillary Clinton has an even bigger constituency waiting for her if she decides to run. So Glenn is totally wrong, but of course, you already knew this.

Beck is also wallowing in the right wing belief that things are so easy for the minorities they suppress. Oh, yes, the gays, they get it all! This goes along with the Right’s pained feelings of victimization that allow them to believe that Obama only won because he’s black. You see, the world is against bigoted whites and it’s so unfair.

Glenn Beck and the Right believe that Democrats only support gay rights because it’s cool. Nope. It got cool because people with no rights worked very hard for a long time to educate others. It took a lot of patience and time. Yes, “Hollywood” helped because “Hollywood” is a business community, not because it’s some left wing cabal set out to destroy America. No, “Hollywood” knows when things are ready to shift and they like to get there first. “Hollywood” didn’t make being gay okay. People have and are working hard to change the perception of the gay community, and Hollywood jumped on board because they love a money making trend.

The gay community doesn’t exactly enjoy the same rights as straight people yet, so contrary to Beck’s persecution complex, they are not only not a privileged group, but they are still being maligned by people like Glenn Beck who are so resentful that someone else might feel entitled to the same rights Glenn Beck feels entitled to.

Sure, Glenn Beck is a “clown”, but not really. The ugly, mean-spirited “humor” behind his attack on Hillary Clinton is the fodder that enables juvenile, embarrassing, parochial versions of sexism to continue unabated in the culture. Yes, she’s a powerful woman. No, that doesn’t mean she’s a “lesbian”. The right has been accusing Hillary Clinton of being a “lesbian” for twenty years now, apparently because she has power and they associate power with masculinity thus she must be a lesbian, even though lesbians are not necessarily masculine. (Stereotyping caught another one.)

News flash to the Right: A person need not be masculine in order to be powerful. A person might be feminine and powerful, as Hillary Clinton is in her crusade for the global protection of women and girls. Perhaps Glenn’s mistake is confusing “feminine” with “submissive doormat”.

All we can do is laugh at the confused, lost, weak man trying to demean a powerful, strong, globally well-loved woman who dominates not only this man, but his entire party.

Toss another peanut from the crazy gallery, Beck.

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