Republicans Launch a Draft Mitt Movement To Get Romney To Run in 2016

Republicans Launch a Draft Mitt Movement To Get Romney To Run in 2016

Mitt Romney

Republicans are so desperate for a candidate that they starting a movement to draft Mitt Romney to run again in 2016.

The Deseret News has the details:

A booth at the recent state GOP convention appeared to explain the status of the “Draft Mitt” movement in Utah — an empty table in front of a pile of signs encouraging a Romney presidential run in 2016 adorned with a few American flags.

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But Utah State Republican Party Chairman James Evans said the unattended booth was only intended to hint at what’s to come from a group of Romney supporters around the country being organized as a political nonprofit group.

Evans won’t say what the group is calling itself or who outside of Utah is involved, but he said it’s behind a website,, that seeks signatures on a petition “to send Mitt Romney a message we need him as our president.”

The rumors of third Mitt Romney run for the presidency have been picking up steam for a while. Last week, CBS News’ Bob Schieffer reported that Romney would consider running again in 2016 if Jeb Bush doesn’t run. On tax day, Josh Romney tweeted a picture of his Dad standing in line at the post office to “pay his taxes.” Then there is the fact that Mitt Romney continues to pop up on television with regularity, and act like he is running for president.

The fact that the Republican Party would consider Mitt Romney again after he was routed by President Obama in 2012 highlights how desperate they really are. The scary part is that Mitt Romney could easily win the Republican nomination again. He would have more money and organization than any other Republican presidential candidate, and the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are custom made opponents for the aw-shucks appeal to the establishment that is Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney would take an even bigger drubbing against Hillary Clinton in 2016. If Romney runs again, and the Republican Party rallies behind him, it will be the biggest sign yet that the GOP is punting on 2016.

Ann Romney famously declared in 2012 that it was their turn to be president. It looks like it might be their turn again, as Mitt Romney could be the ultimate Republican sacrificial lamb in 2016.

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