Manosphere Site Warns More People Will Die Unless Women Give Men Sexual Options

Manosphere Site Warns More People Will Die Unless Women Give Men Sexual Options

RooshI wrote yesterday that “Only one political ideology in America is teaching young American men that women owe them something, and that is conservatism.”

What do I find later that day, but a rant by a fellow named Roosh, on so-called “manosphere” site Return of Kings. Roosh, also the author of “The Time is Right for Traditional Sex Roles to Return,” says that women owe men sex, and says that if women don’t start giving men what they want, there will be more Elliot Rodgerses.

And of course, it’s all the fault of “the American media and blogosphere, men’s rights activists, “PUA haters”, and progressive organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center“:

Six lives would have been saved if there was a societal mechanism to steer sexually frustrated males like Rodger into learning self-improvement, game, and masculinity, the very values that are taught here and on many other manosphere sites that inexplicably have been attacked, disparaged, and even sought for eradication by the American media and blogosphere, men’s rights activists, “PUA haters”, and progressive organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. All these groups are complicit for creating a cultural environment that allowed this massacre to occur. It is them who must accept responsibility for these seven deaths and make the moral change to their ideologies in order to prevent such an act from happening again.

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In case you’re wondering, “game” is the art of seduction.


We live in a society where being shy, normal, or a little awkward is duly punished by entitled American women who have been encouraged to pursue exciting and fun casual sex in their prime with sexy and hot men as a way of ‘experimentation.’

So, assuming what the author says is true, entitled American women have an obligation instead to have sex with shy, normal, or awkward guys instead of the guys they want to have sex with.

And here I thought women had a right to have sex with partners they chose, rather than donating their bodies for what amounts to pity parties for guys who can’t get a date, and who are held back from sex on demand by anti-male rape codes:

Rodger should have checked his male privilege at the door and atoned for the sins of thousands of years of “male patriarchy.” He was likely exposed to infantile “trigger warnings” during the course of his education. He received direct propaganda that insinuates all men are potential rapists. American universities are becoming firmly anti-male with their extreme left ideology and policies. Just recently, the Justice Department has ushered in directives that attempt to restrict the definition of consensual sex, making any attempt by Rodger to fornicate with a female at a college party a potential rape encounter that would have gotten him kicked out of school without a trial. Pro-female policies now dominate most American universities. Rodger would definitely not have received a sympathetic ear to his plight.

Poor can’t get any mass murderer Elliot Rodgers was held back by his university, which apparently catered too much to the concerns of co-eds who preferred not to be raped by men who figured whatever woman catches their eye owes them sex. In fact, universities seem to be doing too little, rather than too much, to prevent rape.

We learn that women “seek out bad boys while rejecting the nice guy who is ‘boring.'”

This behavior continues until they find that they are past their physical prime, whereby the nice guy is plucked from a spartan sexual existence and expected to keep his mouth shut when a trickle flow of informational torture reveals that his bride-to-be has experienced more than a dozen different penises in her vagina, anus, and mouth—the same mouth that is supposed to kiss his future children good night.

But, of course, it is alright if the father has had his penis in a dozen different women before marriage – and whether the women wanted it there or not.

This is a strange – and creepy – sort of world, the “manosphere.”

The author asks,

What options does a man like Rodger have if his existing social ability is simply not able to attract the women he wants? What should he do to enter a relationship with a reasonably attractive girl who has not yet had dozens of penises inside her, who is sweet and kind instead of bitter and jaded from becoming a professional attention whore on Facebook, Tinder, and OK Cupid via the iPhone that she’s addicted to?

Again the obsession with “dozens of penises.”

The price women will pay for giving some men a place for their penises and other men none, is death:

Until you give men like Rodger a way to have sex, either by encouraging him to learn game, seek out a Thai wife, or engage in legalized prostitution—three things that the American media and cultural elite venomously attack, it’s inevitable for another massacre to occur. Even game itself, as useful as it is on a individual level, is a band-aid fix upon a culture which has stopped rewarding nice guys while encouraging female whoring to benefit only the top 10% of alpha males, all in the name of societal progress.

It’s sex or else, ladies. That’s how manly the manosphere is, which is to say, not very manly at all. You know, I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that it’s just possible that what women want are guys who don’t plan to rape them if they don’t give them the use of their vaginas:

Game is a tiny release valve on a cultural pressure cooker where meaningful relationships have become sick, fractured, and unfulfilling compared to the time of our grandparents when traditional sex roles existed. Game may not have led Rodger to find his dream girl and live happily ever after, but it would have given enough results to stop him from killing six innocent individuals and himself. Until you allow and encourage all men to get sex by some means, these massacres will be more commonplace as America’s cultural decline continues.

The idea that evil is to be defined as women having had a “dozen penises” in their vagina, but “the good” is defined by being one of the dozen men who have had their penis in her vagina, is almost too absurd to deserve comment.

The only thing I can reasonably conclude from this excretory pabulum is that the philosophy behind it is that a whore is to be defined as a woman who will have sex with somebody else, but not with you, and that by virtue of the fact that she won’t let you put your penis in her to satisfy your male urges, she must, also by definition, have allowed at least a dozen other men to do so.

This is a pathetic excuse for thinking. It is no wonder that that people who think this way kill women for failing to have sex with them. It’s only a shame men like this don’t turn their rage against women inward instead.

Of course, context is everything, and if you’re ready at this point to pull your hair out I give you this:

According to another fellow who says he is opposed to feminism but now also to the manosphere, and, apparently, to Roosh in particular,

Roosh is a Turkish guy raised in the US who never experienced success with women growing up. After finishing college and getting a job he lived a sexually frustrating life that resulted in no success with women. One day he quit his job and became a writer, starting his own blog in the process.

This critic has some advice for those who, in their frustration, turn to the manosphere for advice:

I can say with confidence that Roosh is the last man on earth you would want to seek dating advice from. The Manosphere is a movement which started to prepare men for the evils of feminism by giving them “game” advice. Not a bad start except it is the classical example of the Blind leading the Blind. Majority of the writers (I am going to say all) who write for the Manosphere are the kind of men women usually put into the “Creepy” category and do not want a thing to do with. Most of these men would be lucky to get their hands on an average looking woman but they write on their blogs about how models are going crazy for them.

Look, here’s the thing: America is the land of opportunity (admittedly less of late). It is not the land of free vaginas for those who want them. And not getting vagina on demand is no excuse for rape, no excuse for calling the women who do not provide those vaginas “whores” and no excuse for some of the most pathetic attempts at thinking I have ever, in my 57 years, ever witnessed.

I cannot find words for the disappointment and shame I feel for men who can express themselves in these ways. I can only say that some of us men trust women, and we can only apologize for the troglodytes you run into in your search for sane men, and assure you that we are doing the best we can to reach even the hopelessly benighted on the manosphere.

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