Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: The Only Way Republicans Win Is By Cheating

Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: The Only Way Republicans Win Is By Cheating


Bill Maher called out Republicans and said what the media won’t. The Republican Party can only win elections by cheating.


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Maher said, “Let’s be honest. Republicans, the only way they win is they cheat. They cheat, and they stop people from voting. I mean, if you’re voting on a Tuesday. It’s a work day. It’s a horrible day to vote. Why can’t we do it on our phone? That’s such an anachronism that we actually have to go to a place on a work day. It’s ridiculous. We bank with our phone. I mean, if you made it easy, this country would look so different.

In the same segment, Maher pointed out that, with the defeat of Eric Cantor, all 278 Republicans in Congress are Christians and 277 of them are white. The demographics that make up the Republican Party are the same reason why Republicans are trying to make it more difficult to vote. The only way they can win is by keeping the electorate small and made up of older white conservatives.

Making it easier to vote, by allowing people to vote electronically, would render all of the tactics that Republicans are using to suppress Election Day turnout obsolete. If all working people in this country could vote with their phones, turnout would increase exponentially. Younger people are more likely to adopt technology early so electronic voting would cause the turnout among the young to soar. Older Americans who don’t drive, or have physical limitations would no longer have to worry about getting to the polls on Election Day.

One of the great voter suppression efforts that have gone unrecognized is the barriers to voting that disabled Americans are faced with. According to a 2009 report by the Government Accountability Office, 73% of the nation’s polling places have partial or total physical impediments that make voting difficult or impossible for those with disabilities. According to the Census, 56.7 million people, or 19% of the population, has a disability. This means that one in five Americans could be potentially having their vote suppressed because of polling place barriers to voting.

Bill Maher was correct. The country’s politics would look vastly different if it were easier to vote. Some people will not vote no matter how easy it is, but the name of the game for Republicans is making sure that as many people as possible don’t vote.

The media won’t say it, but voter fraud is a myth. The mainstream press likes to discuss the electorate while conveniently ignoring Republican attempts to suppress the vote. Republicans can’t win unless they cheat, and they will continue to try to shrink the vote until the media stops ignoring the problem.

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