Scott Brown Forgets Which State He Is Running For Senate In During Radio Interview

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Wednesday, July, 16th, 2014, 3:01 pm

Scott Brown

Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown gave an interview to Boston Herald Radio where he forgot that he was running for Senate in New Hampshire, not Massachusetts.


Brown said that he was, “not for amnesty and never have been, I have not supported the Dream Act, she has. And that’s a big difference between Senator Shaheen and me and many other people in the Massachusetts delegation.”

The Brown campaign claims that their candidate said, “in your Massachusetts delegation”, but the audio clearly reveals that Brown used the word “the” not “your.” The problem is that this isn’t the first time that Scott Brown has made this mistake. Last month, the Brown campaign sent out a statement criticizing New Hampshire Sen. Shaheen for not appearing with President Obama while he was “in town” in Massachusetts.

Republicans originally thought that they had a chance to pick up a Senate seat in New Hampshire, but Brown has virtually crushed any possibility of that happening by not even knowing what state he is running for office.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications director Julie McLain summed up why Scott Brown is likely to lose this November, “Brown used to brag about growing up in Massachusetts, raising his family in Massachusetts and said he would die in Massachusetts. Now he’s moved to New Hampshire and says he cares about us, but really he’s just using us to get himself a Senate seat. How can New Hampshire families possibly trust a candidate who doesn’t see the difference between Massachusetts and New Hampshire?”

Scott Brown has defined himself as a carpetbagger to New Hampshire voters. Brown’s New Hampshire campaign has been dogged by scandal and unable to get off the ground. It was a bad idea to send Brown into New Hampshire so soon after his Massachusetts Senate defeat. Scott Brown was once a rising star in Republican circles, now he is a guy who doesn’t even know which state he is running in.

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