Sarah Palin Is Trying To Steal Fox’s Viewers With a Channel That Costs More Than Netflix

Sarah Palin Is Trying To Steal Fox’s Viewers With a Channel That Costs More Than Netflix


Still stuck in 2008, Sarah Palin thinks that people will pay more than the cost of a Netflix membership to listen to her bitter ramblings about President Obama.

Palin has put up cameras around her Alaska home, and seems to be under the delusion that hundreds of thousands of people will pay to watch her prattle around the house while telling them repeatedly how much she hates President Obama, “We’re not out to make a reality show,” Jonathan Klein said. “We’re out to make a channel that provides you with all the dimensions of her personality. People are nuanced. They have different layers and different levels. Too often people in public life are reduced to easily digestible cartoons… What we’re excited about is giving voice, for literally thousands of people who are out there, to someone who’s got passion and something to say and has a rabid audience that wants to hear it.” Klein added: “Sarah Palin’s supporters and the members of her channel will get a 360-degree view of the person they adore.”

The last statement makes it clear. Sarah Palin is out to milk the last few of her remaining fans out of $9.95 a month. There have been some comparisons to Glenn Beck’s channel, but Palin should not expect to bring in the tens of millions of dollars that he is generating. Even after getting the boot from Fox News, Glenn Beck still has seven million weekly radio listeners. Beck also has a website, and even he only has 300,000 subscribers.

Sarah Palin doesn’t have an audience. She has a few devoted clusters of fans that are still holding out hope that there is something more to the former half-term Alaska governor than making money. The Palin channel likely has little in overhead costs, so whoever she can sucker into signing up for this thing will be found money.

The idea that Sarah Palin would charge more than a Netflix membership for people to hang out on a website that has no scheduled programming would be mind blowing if this weren’t Sarah Palin that was being discussed. There is even talk that Palin will be trying to compete with Fox News. Sarah Palin won’t steal any Fox News viewers away. Fox might even gain a few more viewers one her contract ends. Although, the channel looks more like an attempt to make money while maintaining the illusion that Palin is a force in grassroots Republican politics.

The Sarah Palin Channel is another example of mainstream media types getting suckered into the myth of Palin. She will likely make a tidy profit off of the rubes who sign up, but she is one of the most disliked E-list celebrities in the country. Sarah Palin has created a temple for the unwashed masses to worship her, and she is charging them more than the cost of Netflix membership to do it.

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