House Republicans End Their Day of Disgrace By Passing Resolution To Sue Obama

House Republicans End Their Day of Disgrace By Passing Resolution To Sue Obama

ashamed to be a republican

House Republicans embarrassed the entire country today by voting to sue President Obama. The good news is that five House Republicans joined Democrats in voting against the resolution.

The final vote was 225-201 in favor of the resolution. Five House Republicans joined with Democrats in voting against the Boehner lawsuit.

After voting to advance the resolution telling Boehner to sue President Obama, House Republicans wasted more time during their last hours in session before a five week vacation calling the president a tyrant.

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Boehner spent a minute before the vote pushing his bogus lie that the House has passed forty jobs bills. Speaker Boehner tried to wrap himself in the flag by talking about the oath of office. After planning his lawsuit for six months, Speaker Boehner claimed that the lawsuit was unplanned. He said, “This is about defending the Constitution, and acting decisively when it has been compromised.” Rep. Boehner claimed that Obama was tearing apart what the Founders built.”

Rep. Sander Levin (D-MI) followed Boehner, and said that, “Republicans are choosing lawsuits over legislating.” He then listed all of economic bills that the Senate passed that Boehner refuses to bring to the floor for a vote. Rep. Levin accused Republicans of conjuring up their lawsuit of President Obama, and said, “It is the House Republicans who should be sued, if that were possible, for the abjection of their duties.”

During the debate, it was easy to see who specifically was pushing this lawsuit. One after another, Southern House Republicans came to the House floor and claimed that President Obama is a tyrant. Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) warned, “Our freedom is in peril.”

Democratic Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York highlighted Boehner’s record of wasting taxpayer money on lawsuits.

Rep John Lewis (D-GA) called the resolution a waste of time and money. He said, “A Republican in this House has never supported this president.”

House Republicans put their final nail in their own coffin with this vote passing the resolution that directs Speaker Boehner to sue President Obama. The Republican actions today are a fitting end to the latest stretch of deplorable behavior by House Republicans.

The lawsuit is not going to end well for Republicans. Boehner’s dysfunctional caucus completely lacks in awareness and concern for the priorities of the American people. House Republicans exist in their own little world, where they actually think that this lawsuit is a good idea.

The behavior of House Republicans today has been cynical, disgusting, and deplorable. They have now given voters every reason to vote them out of office this November.

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