GOP Self Destructs As Boehner Won’t Let Republicans Leave Until They Pass Border Bill


The Republican Party is again self destructing in front of the entire country as John Boehner is refusing to let House Republicans go on vacation until after they pass the border bill.

The Hill reported:

House Republicans plan to delay their August recess to stay in Washington until they have enough votes to pass a bill responding to the border crisis.

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But just as it appeared the conference would leave town for the five-week recess having done nothing to respond to the crisis, Republicans held a closed-door conference meeting and emerged stating they would extend their workweek to try to get something done.

“We’ll stay until we vote,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said after the meeting.

It is a shame that grown men and women have to be threatened to do the job that the taxpayers are paying them to do. All of the recent chaos was started by Sen. Ted Cruz, who met with a group of House Republicans and encouraged them to oppose the border bill. House Republican leaders were forced to pull their meager bill dealing with the border crisis after it was clear that they did not have enough votes for passage.

After trying to blame Obama for their inability to pass legislation, Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership moved on to Plan B, which is to not let House Republicans go on vacation until he gets his way. The border bill has turned into yet another Republican caused train wreck.

The Republican Party is not fit to govern. They keep proving this point by failing to complete even the most basic tasks associated with legislating. Lawsuits against the president can’t conceal the fact that this is the worst Congress in modern history

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