Nancy Pelosi Rips The Mask Off Boehner’s Fraud: The Lawsuit Is Really About Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi Rips The Mask Off Boehner’s Fraud: The Lawsuit Is Really About Impeachment


Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party aren’t going to let John Boehner fool the American people. At a press conference, Pelosi ripped the mask off of Boehner’s lawsuit fraud.


At a press conference after the lawsuit vote, Rep. Pelosi said:

The other question and other point that I will make is about standing. This House of Representative does not have standing to sue the President. And because of the actions that they are taking – misusing the public’s time and resources – because of budgets that they have presented to the Congress of the United States, the Republicans in Congress do not have standing to talk to the American people about solving their problems. They do not have standing to say: ‘We want to create jobs here at home,’ when in their decision they are giving tax breaks to companies to send jobs overseas. They do not have standing to say: ‘Let’s build the infrastructure of America. Let’s have Build America Bonds,’ because they prefer to use those resources to give tax breaks to special interests – tax loopholes for special interests.

So when we don’t have the money to have this suit – they don’t have the money to do better things for the American people. We shouldn’t be spending money on this. They don’t have the standing to do what’s right for the American people, and they certainly don’t have standing to sue the President of the United States. As I said on the floor today: This isn’t about this lawsuit. You don’t sue somebody unless you want to prove that they are wrong. This is about the road to impeachment. And if it is not, the Speaker can say one simple sentence: Impeachment is off the table. That’s what I had to say in 2007. That’s what Speaker Boehner should be saying now.

Democratic Leader Pelosi was correct. This lawsuit is setting the stage for Republicans to impeach the president if they win majority control of the Senate. The idea that the House Republicans will stop at the lawsuit is laughable. This is a House Republican caucus that shutdown the government over Obamacare. This group of Republicans caused our debt to be downgraded and has taken the nation to the brink of economic crisis on numerous occasions.

These House Republicans don’t do moderation. Speaker Boehner has repeatedly demonstrated that he can’t control his own Republicans. His statements on any issue are worthless. Boehner had to go back on a “grand bargain” with President Obama because his members rebelled. John Boehner isn’t running the House. A group of Southern far right Republicans are driving the lower legislative body. This same group of Republicans took turns coming to the House floor yesterday to call President Obama a tyrant.

The lawsuit is a mask for what the House Republicans who are running the show really want. They want impeachment, and they aren’t going to be satisfied with a silly lawsuit that they are destined to lose.


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