Scott Walker Is Reeling As Wisconsin Governor’s Race Is a Dead Heat

Scott Walker

A new poll of Wisconsin brings more bad news for Gov. Scott Walker as the Wisconsin Republican is locked in tie with Democrat Mary Burke 47%-47%.

Scott Walker has blown a five point lead. In March, Walker led the Gravis Marketing poll 49%-44%, but since then he has lost two points of support while his opponent Democrat Mary Burke has gained three. Wisconsin is a state where President Obama remains popular. Obama’s approval rating in this poll was a positive 49%-43%.

Walker’s biggest problem is jobs. In 2010, he promised that his tax cuts would create 250,000 new jobs but that pledge is destined to fail. Not only will Walker’s jobs pledge come up short, the state had negative job growth in May and June under his leadership. Instead of creating jobs, Wisconsin lost 1,700 jobs in May and June of this year.

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Politifact looked at the dire projections for Walker’s job creation pledge, “So the total, according to our monthly calculation, is 100,313, or about 40 percent of the total Walker promised. That leaves 149,687 jobs to go before his term ends. In order for Walker, who is up for re-election in November, to reach his goal, the state would have to add a total of 24,947 in each remaining month of the year. That’s nearly what the state added in each year in the past three years.”

Democrat Mary Burke remains unknown to many voters, but this could be a good thing for her candidacy. Burke has an opportunity to run against Walker and represent real change for the state. Scott Walker’s tenure has been a disaster for Wisconsin. The state has fallen behind its neighbors in terms of economic growth and job creation. Gov. Walker ran as a moderate, but unleashed an extremist agenda that targeted women, education, workers’ rights, and voting rights.

Walker has taken a prosperous state and thrown it in the dumpster in the name of right-wing ideology. Scott Walker wants to run for president in 2016, but if Democrats have their way he is soon going to be an unemployed former governor and the poster child for the failure of the Koch agenda.

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