Fox News Reaches New Low By Blaming President Obama For Border Patrol Agent’s Murder

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During Thursday’s broadcast of Fox and Friends, Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. lambasted the White House over its immigration policy and essentially blamed President Obama, with help from host Steve Doocy, for the murder of an off-duty border patrol agent. The border agent was murdered by two undocumented immigrants during a robbery attempt. The immigrants had both been deported multiple times in the past and were in the United States illegally at the time of the murder. Johnson used the incident to incite fear and anger regarding immigration reform as well as President Obama’s statements that he will look towards using executive power in the absence of any meaningful legislation from Congress.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:



As you can see in the clip, Johnson went hard after Obama regarding “prosecutorial discretion.” In essence, Johnson is making a direct link between President Obama’s enactment of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and two criminals who committed a horrible crime. Per Johnson, DACA is obviously responsible for these two being in the country (a charge that is utterly laughable), and if the White House decides to expand DACA and make other undocumented immigrants eligible, we will see even more murders. It doesn’t matter that DACA or even the possible expansion of DACA have nothing to do with this crime. The only thing that matters is that Johnson makes that comparison for the benefit of the Fox audience.

The amount of racial fear-mongering in this particular segment is repulsive and alarming. Johnson starts out by calling the two suspects “mutts” and the whole thing goes downhill from there. The message that Johnson is trying to deliver is explicitly clear — the black man in the White House wants to make it easier for Mexican criminals to come into this country. Johnson, along with the Fox and Friends panel, make it seem that the vast majority of undocumented immigrants in this country are dangerous criminals who are looking to slit the throats of good, god-fearing people. On top of that, our borders are extremely porous and even if we deport people when they come into this country, they will only come back right away.

In Johnson’s mind, the only way to deal with illegal immigration is to put anyone that is caught crossing the border illegally into prison for two to four years. Of course, that idea is beyond ludicrous. We already have a massive incarceration rate in this country and hold 25% of the world’s prisoners. Johnson’s grand plan is to increase our prison population even more so as to subdue the fears of old white people who ‘want their country back.’ Should we have compassion for people looking to find new hope in America? Nope. We need to throw them in the slammer for a few years for having the audacity to cross the border without papers.

The thing people should realize with Johnson is that he is essentially the mouthpiece of Fox News chief Roger Ailes. Whenever Ailes wants to get a certain message across and give a new talking point momentum, he sends Johnson out there to deliver. Therefore, we can see that Fox News is going to continue to hammer away at immigration reform and border security. That will be the August talking point du jour. Ailes wants his talking heads to go after DREAMers, DACA and possible efforts by the White House to give other undocumented immigrants a reprieve on potential deportation. Almost certainly, the border agent’s murder will be used as a central theme on why we should not even think about passing comprehensive immigration reform or provide any type of pathway to citizenship.



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