Losers Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Mock Hillary Clinton and Declare She’s ‘Beatable’

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Friday, August, 22nd, 2014, 2:23 pm

Hillary Clinton not impressed

Robert Costa has another gem for the political world. Writing at the Washington Post, the Republican whisperer reported on the first interview Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have given since their humiliating loss to Barack Obama in 2012.

And guess what? ROMENTUM is back, babies. Paul Ryan announced with all of the confidence of someone who may have helped the top of the ticket lose that Hillary Clinton is “beatable”. This was after they “mocked” Clinton for her foreign policy efforts, because nothing says winning like pre-emptive strikes coming from someone who was almost laughed out of Britain during his faux “foreign policy” tour after messing up the most basic diplomacy required of a politician at the Olympics. In fact, the British press said Romney was a total car crash, “worse than Sarah Palin.”

On the heels of the Ice Bucket Challenge, per Costa at the Post:

Relaxing with Ryan before they both headed off to different cities, the second-place finisher in the last presidential race railed against the

“Looking at her record, seeing how ineffective she was in securing more security, is going to be a great handicap for her in the general election,” said Romney. “I don’t think it’ll hurt her in the primary, but it will in the general.

“That picture of her with the foreign minister of Russia, smiling ear to ear with that red reset button, I presume that’s going to be an ad. Of all the miscalculations in foreign-policy history, that stands out as an unfortunate one.”

His former running mate also downplayed Clinton’s fall odds. “She’s beatable,” said Ryan. “Her assets are her name identification, her ability to fundraise, and her campaign experience. Her liabilities are policies and track record. She was one of the architects of the Obama foreign policy.
“I also think there may be a little fatigue,” he added. “People will be looking for someone new. She may be riding high now, but people may decide against having another four years of this kind of governing.”

Yes. Mitt might have zero foreign policy experience. He might have ticked off leaders in countries that were our allies on his little foreign policy tour. He might have been known as the “foreign policy bumbler.” But at least he wasn’t “ineffective in securing more security”.

Naturally you have to have done something in order to be criticized for the outcome, and neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan have any actual foreign policy experience, save for Mitt’s mistakes. Romney’s quickie foreign policy tour revealed the Romney Doctrine to be:

Step 1: Get the facts wrong;
Step 2: Undermine long-lasting relationships with your allies;
Step 3: Frequently highlight your lack of experience;
Step 4: Assemble a team of ideologues committed to endless war;
Step 5: Mistake your enemies (“C’mon, Mitt…think!”)

So it makes total sense that this is going to be their attack on the person who consistently polls way ahead of any Republican for 2016.

The comment about Russia reveals that Mr. Romney seems to have been asleep during the long, dark years of the Bush administration’s many miscalculations, “Of all the miscalculations in foreign-policy history, that stands out as an unfortunate one.”

Seventeen of Romney’s 24 special advisers on foreign policy during his 2012 campaign served under Bush. Romney has been obsessed with war in the Middle East. They called it the Romney Cheney Doctrine for a reason.

Mission Accomplished.

But the Russia comment also lives in a bubble wherein Mitt Romney did not claim that Russia was our number one geopolitical foe, totally forgetting about al Qaeda. Pretending things like this never happened is a specialty of Team Mitt’s, and he sadly surrounds himself with people who foster these delusions (see unskewed polls).

Maybe Romney forgot the uncontainable smirk he wore as he waited eagerly to rush to the podium to condemn Obama just minutes after the Benghazi attack. Or his “kick the can down the road” oopsie.

Heads up, America. The dynamic duo is at it again and they are smoking hot with effective zingers in which they criticize their opponent for the very thing they are the weakest on. Yes, surely the country is tired of the very thing that got Obama elected- his foreign policy. His promise to end the war in Iraq. His careful attempts to find other ways of dealing with international conflict and terrorism than combat troops installed everywhere without a plan.

Romney tried this very plan of attacking Obama on foreign policy before and was told, “Please Proceed, Governor.” I’m sure Hillary Clinton is terrified, because it’s not like she can’t simply run a 2 second ad asking Americans if they want to return to the Cheney Doctrine.

So clever. Republicans always have their fingers on the pulse of America.

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