Mitt Romney Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge In The Most Mitt Romney Way Possible

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014, 12:20 pm

Mitt Romney

Former Republican Governor and 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney showed that he can be a good sport by letting Paul Ryan (R-WI) douse him with water to raise awareness and money for ALS as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Of course, he did so whilst wearing a suit. Some speculate that the suit is actually Romney naked.

Watch here:

After Ryan douses him with water, he asks how Romney is doing and Romney replies in typical Romney fashion, “It is cold.”

Yes. It is. It is cold.

Romney shared the video on his Facebook wall, where he wrote:

Thanks to Meg Whitman, Rob Portman and Creighton Rider for nominating me to take the #IceBucketChallenge, which I’ve completed with a little help from an old friend.

Ann Romney and Jason Sudeikis, you have 24 hours!

Hope you’ll join the fight to ‪#‎StrikeOutALS‬ and make a donation at www.alsa.org.

As concern grew about Romney’s wasted suit (apparently people still don’t get it, the man has an elevator for his cars, suit not an issue), Ben White of Politico tweeted, “That’s not a suit. That’s what Romney looks like naked.”

This is the sort of thing Romney could have done more of during the 2012 campaign in an effort to soften his image. But they say hope never dies, and there are rumors that he’s going at it again in 2016. Watching his fellow Republican hopefuls drop like flies to indictments and investigations must be encouraging the Cayman Island money stasher. Certainly there were beggars on his Facebook page who insisted that God needed Romney to run in 2016. God is, as always, very busy with Republican Party politics because nothing says spiritual love like partisan power.

It might have taken him a long time, but Mitt Romney finally gave America what it wanted: He let someone douse him with ice water. America loves to see her affluent and untouchables brought down a peg. It helps the people believe, however inaccurately, that there really might be justice.

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