Hateful Right-Wing Columnist Claims ‘Obama’s Incompetence’ Will Lead To Another 9/11 Attack

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Tuesday, September, 2nd, 2014, 10:35 am


In his Sunday column for the Washington Times, Joseph Curl claimed that President Obama has shown his true incompetence when it comes to foreign policy and it is going to lead to another large-scale terrorist attack this coming September 11th. Curl, who is also an editor for the right-wing rag Drudge Report, fearmongered throughout the piece and came to the conclusion that President Obama is just like Homer Simpson and that we will be lucky if he doesn’t get all of us killed. Overall, this was a despicable piece of tripe presented as a serious opinion column, which is kind of the Washington Times’ specialty.

As has been the case this past month among right-wing media, Curl hammered the President on his taking a vacation in August and playing golf. This is something Curl has repeated ad nauseam in his most recent columns. In a previous column, he lambasted the President for taking a vacation and listed off all of the things Obama missed while at Martha’s Vineyard. Prior to that, he claimed the only thing President Obama has achieved is outgolfing Tiger Woods. Curl decided to dip into that drying well one more time to throw some more shade at Obama.

Curl suggests that the President is completely disengaged from what is going on in the world, especially in the Middle East. He feels that Obama doesn’t care and is not listening to warnings from other leaders about potential terrorist threats approaching Europe and America. Curl also claims that beyond POTUS “checking out,’ the President’s philosophy is that terrorism basically doesn’t exist anymore. Essentially, President Obama isn’t worried about the world problems because he doesn’t think they are that important and he can simply ignore most of them. Presumably, per Curl, to play more golf.

Obviously, Curl suffers from Obama Derangement Syndrome. That much is obvious. However, the lengths he goes to peddle fear, ignorance and hatred in his latest column is appalling. He bounces between misrepresentation to flat-out lying throughout the piece. For instance, he takes the President to task for not following through on his ‘red line’ with Syria regarding the use of chemical weapons.

But that’s the opposite of what Mr. Obama has done ever since he issued his impotent “red line” threat. He warned that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons would “cross a red line for us” and prompt “enormous consequences.”

That was two years ago. Mr. Assad used chemical weapons, and Mr. Obama did nothing. The president later said he’s not to blame: “I didn’t set a red line; the world set a red line.”

But as Mr. Obama dithered and deflected blame, the terrorist group that morphed into the Islamic State consolidated power in parts of Syria, swept into Iraq and slaughtered thousands.

Of course, Curl made sure to omit the fact that once proof was shown that Assad and Syria had used chemical weapons on citizens, Obama was the one who called for immediate military action against Syria. However, the United States was going to be forced to go alone as the British Parliament rejected Prime Minster David Cameron’s request for authorization to move in on Syria. The President faced fierce opposition from the American public regarding the use of military force, which translated into a lack of will from Congress to give him authorization. In the end, a diplomatic solution was found to rid Syria of chemical weapons.

The thing is, we can debate the pros and cons of getting involved in a three-sided civil war in Syria all day long. However, my feeling is that Curl doesn’t really care about any of this. If Obama would have engaged in military action in Syria and put more troops on the ground in Iraq, Curl would have found a reason to criticize the President. The main objective of outlets like the Washington Times and Drudge Report is just to trash liberals, Democrats and progressives while propping up conservatives and disseminating the latest talking points. It doesn’t matter if the narrative of the day contradicts something that was being said a few weeks ago. It is all about pushing the message and energizing the base.

In this instance, the message is that we are on the precipice of a full-scale war with terrorists and our very lives are in danger. And, despite this, the President either doesn’t care or is too incompetent to do anything about it. The job of the conservative entertainment complex is to push that message with as much hyperbole as possible. Therefore, you get a column like Curl’s where he is essentially saying that another 9/11 is imminent.


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