Ready For Bernie? Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton To Debate The Issues

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Monday, September, 15th, 2014, 7:02 pm

bernie sanders on the ed show debate hillary clinton

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) plans on bringing the issues to Hillary Clinton and making her debate the questions that matter most to the middle class.


On The Ed Show, host Ed Schultz asked Sen. Sanders about the thought that Hillary Clinton is unstoppable. Sanders said, “What I say as somebody who has known Hillary Clinton for years, I like her I respect her, but I think this country at every level needs serious debate. Not thirty second sound bites, not negative attack ads. Productivity has greatly expanded, and yet incomes for working families are going down. Why? Our trade policies NAFTA, CAFTA, permanent normalizing of trade relations in my view have been a disaster for working families. Others may disagree. Let’s debate that issue. How do you address the fact that we have more income inequality than any other major country on earth. What’s the way forward? Should we address that issue? How do we move to a national healthcare program guaranteeing health care to all people? Is that a good idea? I think it is. Others may disagree. There’s so much to be discussed, Ed, and we’re not in this country about anointing anybody for a nomination.”

Sen. Sanders certainly sounds like he is planning on joining the Democratic Party and challenging Hillary Clinton for the 2016 nomination. It is also clear that Sen. Sanders knows that the odds of defeating Hillary Clinton are slim. Sanders is most interested in making Clinton debate issues like income inequality, Citizens United, and the declining middle class. It is important that all the voices within the Democratic Party get heard during the 2016 nominating process.

There is no downside to Bernie Sanders providing Hillary Clinton with primary opposition. It will make Clinton a better candidate, and the party stronger if primary voters are offered a choice in 2016. Sen. Sanders is the perfect voice from the left to keep Hillary Clinton from drifting too far to the right.

Sen. Sanders is ready give voice to the concerns of working people everywhere, and make the would be Democratic nominee discuss the issues that matter to them.

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