It’s Gotten So Bad That Chuck Todd Is Calling Out Media BS About Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

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Sunday, September, 21st, 2014, 12:21 pm


The media have become so lazy that even Chuck Todd is calling them out for making up stories about a potential Democratic primary showdown between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Todd said, “Joe Biden. He’s not running against Hillary Clinton and yet the media teases it as if he is…..He’s not running against Hillary Clinton. We know he’s not running against Hillary Clinton, but we pretend. Am I wrong?…This is reporters cheering for a story. It’s not based in reality.”

National Review writer Ramesh Ponnuru added, “The alternative is that we spend the next two years talking about Hillary Clinton’s inevitable nomination. Todd replied, “And that bores you. See we’re now playing into the stereotype that everybody thinks…In all honesty, I think it becomes a media trust issue a little bit. We’re almost playing into a stereotype.

Todd compared Biden to George W. Bush in the respect that people don’t get offended by his gaffes.

This short little discussion was the closest thing viewers may ever see on the air of an admission that the media makes up intrigue and stories to play into the horse race aspect of a presidential election. The media are always looking to sell an election as being close because a close election mean higher ratings.

The press is desperate for a 2016 angle on Hillary Clinton, so they keep inventing this imaginary primary where Vice President Biden challenges Clinton. The reality is that Biden has always been positioning himself to run if Clinton, but he has no interest in challenging his friend the former Secretary of State.

Any outlet that pushes stories about Clinton versus Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren is making things up. Neither Biden nor Warren is building a 2016 campaign organization. They aren’t raising money for a presidential run, and aren’t showing any serious signs of running against Clinton in 2016. Biden is visiting early primary states to keep a toe in the race in case Clinton decides not to run.

There is probably going be to zero intrigue on the Democratic side in 2016. Hillary Clinton may be challenged by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-MD). The media needs drama, and if they can’t get with a real campaign. They will make one up.

The Clinton versus Biden stuff is nonsense that is being cooked up by a bored media. It was interesting to hear Chuck Todd of all people call it out.

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