Donald Trump Cluelessly Tweets That Mitch McConnell Might Be the Next Speaker Of The House

Donald Trump Cluelessly Tweets That Mitch McConnell Might Be the Next Speaker Of The House


This is why Republicans shouldn’t be in government.

Never ending GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump tweeted today that Senator Mitch McConnell might be the next Speaker.

Needless to say, the Speaker is a job in the House of Representatives and Mitch McConnell is in the Senate, where he is Minority Leader and is hoping to become Majority Leader like Harry Reid (D-NV) is currently. Apparently Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between the chambers.

The Donald tweeted this in response to Alison Lundergan Grimes pointing out that if Mitch McConnell were on The Apprentice, he’d be fired for failing to show up for work:

Grimes linked to her new ad today, in which she takes the Republican Senator to task for failing to show up for important votes, including mark up votes, because he was too busy going on TV or hanging with lobbyists like a real man of the people.

Meanwhile, this is even more embarrassing for McConnell because Trump was on Fox bragging about how much Mitch McConnell wants his endorsement.

“Trump said that McConnell will be visiting New York on Monday seeking support from ‘The Donald’,” Politico wrote. “Trump cited his ‘very unblemished’ record and said his robocalls are ‘listened to more than anybody else’s robo’ as reasons that senators and other Republican candidates reach out to him.”

Is it possible to have fallen lower than to be hoping for Donald Trump to hop aboard? Donald Trump, never ending pretend GOP presidential hopeful, who doesn’t even know that the Speaker is in the HOUSE.

Team Mitch has not yet responded for comment, per Politico. They might be running a rather fail-tastic campaign, but they aren’t stupid.

To the Donald’s attempted point, however, we must ask — why didn’t Mitch McConnell do something about the jobs situation when he was Majority Leader in the past? The never ending dangling carrot is getting stale after 30 years. Yes, McConnell will bring money to Kentucky – money for special interests. Decent paying jobs? Not so much.

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