Fired Up and Ready To Vote: Democrats Crush Republicans With Historic Fundraising Haul

Fired Up and Ready To Vote: Democrats Crush Republicans With Historic Fundraising Haul


All of those annoying emails demanding money are working. Democrats outraised Republicans again, and set yet another record doing so.

The Democrats keep making fundraising history and they’ve done it again. In September, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) made history by raising $16 million, which outraised the Republicans (NRSC) by more than half a million.

Overall, the Democrats have raised $29 million more than the NRSC, with a total for the cycle of $127.1 million.

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Democrats came armed to 2014, initiating Operation “Bannock Street project” to protect the Senate from a Republican takeover. Bannock Street project operates in 10 states, includes a $60 million investment and requires more than 4,000 paid staff members,” according to the New York Times.

The BannocK Street Project is a ground game modeled after the Obama campaign’s ground game. It’s data-driven and relies on passionate activists registering voters and knocking on doors. The DSCC reports that it invested heavily in the Bannock Street Project in September, in addition to multi-million dollar ad buys in key states, but still ended the month with $14.2 million on hand.

The DSCC also reports it has… drum roll please for the fiscal conservatives in the house… “zero in operations debt.”

Democrats have shocked the media by pulling ahead in a few Senate races that were considered a foregone conclusion as part of the Republican wave, and Republicans are having to invest and defend in red states they thought they had locked up, as they abandon their flailing Republican Senate candidate in Michigan.

Democrats know that even as they outraise Republicans in small donations from actual people, Republicans hold a huge cash advantage from the dark money Super PACs that are now legal. The Koch brothers and Karl Rove will be trying to buy this election as they tried to do in 2010 and 2012 through their various dark money groups.

But the Democrats are focused on the ground game, where actual voters reside. And they are outraising Republicans because of it.

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