Sarah Palin Greedily Hoards Cash From Her SuperPAC Rather Than Help Other Candidates

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Friday, October, 17th, 2014, 5:07 pm



The Center for Responsive Politics revealed that Sarah Palin’s SuperPAC, SarahPAC, contributed only $45,000 to the campaigns of GOP candidates in the third quarter despite having over $1.4 million available. In a Thursday post to the organization’s website OpenSecrets.org, it was noted that Palin’s political action committee raised $433,000 from July 1st to September 30th and began the quarter with nearly a million dollars banked. For some reason, even though the former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate endlessly opines that these midterm elections are extremely important, she’s decided to hoard her money and not help out her fellow Republicans.

Nine candidates were the recipients of the $45,000 SarahPAC dished out in the third quarter. Each of these candidates received a $5,000 check from the SuperPAC. OpenSecrets revealed the candidates.

So who were the lucky few to benefit from SarahPAC donations in July, August and September? Zach Dasher, a House candidate in Louisiana; Bob Johnson, a Georgia House hopeful who was beaten in a GOP primary runoff; Barry Loudermilk, also from Georgia, who has no Democratic opponent in his House race; Tom Emmer, who is attempting to win retiring Rep. Michele Bachmann’s seat in Minnesota; Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona; Clint Didier, a former pro football player running for a House seat in Washington state; Joe Carr, a tea party-backed candidate who unsuccessfully challenged incumbent Sen. Lamar Alexander in Tennessee’s Republican primary; Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, whose re-election bid has been made far shakier by the popularity of opponent Greg Orman, an Independent; and Joe Miller, the tea party favorite to oppose Sen. Mark Begich (D) in Palin’s home state of Alaska. Miller lost to Dan Sullivan in the GOP primary, but Palin has not seen fit to donate to the Republican nominee, who is locked in nearly a dead heat with Begich.

One name noticeably absent from that list is Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate in Iowa. Ernst has been compared to Palin since gaining national attention for her in-your-face campaign ads during the GOP primary season. Palin has even traveled to Iowa to campaign for her. Ernst is even one of ‘Palin’s Picks’ at SarahPAC’s website. However, I guess it is too much for Sarah to part with a little of the green she so lustily craves to boost Ernst’s chances in a very close race.

While, for the most part, SarahPAC is basically banking money, it is spending on other things. Since Palin obviously isn’t directing the money to Republicans battling it out in tight House or Senate races, where else is money being spent? Well, for one, books written by Sarah Palin. Nearly $25,000 was spent on ‘donor book.’ In other words, Palin paid the book published thousands of dollars to take books of their hands in order to give them away to donors or other organizations. In reality, this is a way to make it seem like people are buying her books, as by paying for the books, it counts towards the sales and keeps a book high on the book sale charts. Other expenditures went towards speechwriting, fundraising, consulting, logistics and research.

With a little more than two weeks left in this election season, Palin has an established political action committee with well over a million dollars in the bank. There are a number of super-tight races that are going to come down to the wire. Instead of lending a helping hand to candidates, or perhaps even running ads on behalf of certain campaigns, she’d prefer to sit on her mountain of cash like Scrooge McDuck.

This, more than anything, shows you what Sarah Palin is all about. She pretends like she’s really, truly concerned for this country and wants to make sure she gets true conservatives elected to office. However, she’s just saying these things to her supporters so she can grift whatever money she can from them. It is all about running a con game on those idiotic enough to believe in her. She just takes, takes, takes. Just don’t expect her to give back. That’s not how the game is played.


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