Bill Maher Humiliates The Media By Calling Out The Republicans’ Racial Code Words

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Saturday, October, 18th, 2014, 12:13 pm

Bill Maher republican racial code words

Bill Maher went where the mainstream media refuses to go by calling out the Republican use of racial code words during a New Rules segment where he offered tips to Democrats for talking to white people.


Maher segment was devoted to offering tips to Democrats on how to talk to white people.

The segment was actually a pointed call out of the racial code words that Republicans use,

Tip number one. Talk a lot, a lot about the importance of hard work. White people eat that sh*t up, because they they’re the only Americans who do work hard and that they’re carrying all the people who just collect welfare and complain. Reinforce this silly notion so that they can feel better about themselves. Then give a Bill Cosby like speech where you tell black people to pull up their pants!! And then if elected you’ll appoint a belt czar. Now of course, this is isn’t even a thing anymore and the only person who still wears his pants down on his ass is Justin Bieber. Doesn’t matter. What people want to know that you think welfare is un-American and denotes a character flaw except of course for the welfare they’re collecting.

Then say something about how dads are important. If a reporter asks you what you think about the melting ice caps say that’s a good question, and it comes down to dads. Because they’re the one who have to tell kids that they can’t all grow up to be rappers and ballers. See? Without ever mentioning race specifically, you can use code words to make white people think it. Phrases like culture of dependency, personal responsibility, and of course violence in elevators.

Maher’s other tips for Democrats were to obsessively talk about small businesses, because every white person imagines that they are going to start their own small business, and he told Democrats to talk like John Wayne on foreign policy.

It was the first part of the segment that really hit home, because what Maher was really getting at was the strategy that Republicans have brought front and center during the Obama years. Republicans have been using some variation of racial code words going back as far as Nixon’s 1968 campaign. Ronald Reagan engrained the thought into the Republican psyche with his imaginary Cadillac driving welfare mothers to the point where Republicans can evoke the image with their white voters via code words.

During the Obama years, the mainstream media have turned a blind eye to obvious race-baiting tactics that Republicans are using. Bill Maher went where the media fears to go. He called Republicans out on this via comedy.

When Republicans start talking about “job creators,” “a culture of work,” and ending “dependency,” they mean the job creators are the white people, and the dependent people are minorities. The majority welfare recipients are white and 65% of those receiving food stamps are either children or disabled adults.

There are no facts behind the Republican codewords. The media are too afraid of Republican cries of liberal bias to call Republicans out on their race baiting. Bill Maher did what the corporate owned press is too intimidated to do with his biting satire.

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