Obama Rolls Into Wisconsin and Obliterates Scott Walker While Delivering for Mary Burke

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Tuesday, October, 28th, 2014, 8:47 pm

obama campaigns for mary burke in Wisconsin

Without ever mentioning his name, President Obama rolled into Wisconsin and took apart Gov. Scott Walker. The president hammered Walker in his economic weak spot and made a compelling case for Democratic candidate Mary Burke.

The president was introduced by Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Mary Burke, who called out Scott Walker and said that he doesn’t get it. Burke said that the way you create jobs is with a strong growing middle class and a fair shot to get ahead.

Obama began by telling the Milwaukee crowd to get out and early vote. He teased Chicago, “You can only vote once. This isn’t Chicago.” Obama told the crowd to grab their friends, family, and lazy cousins who never vote in the midterms and take them to go vote for Mary Burke.

The president said that Burke cares about people, and she is someone with integrity. Obama discussed the growth in new jobs nationally and hit Walker in his weak spot, “Here’s the problem Wisconsin lags the rest of the country when it comes to job growth.”

President Obama accused Walker of putting political ideology first.

The president touted Burke’s record and biography, and said that she is somebody who wants to help people help themselves. He said, “The point is Mary Burke knows how to create good middle-class jobs for Wisconsin.” The president called Republicans patriots who have got some bad ideas.

Obama said, “Like a broken record, they just on keep offering the same worn out tired theory of the economy that has already shown itself to undermine the middle class.”

A young lady interrupted the president’s remarks to protest immigration, and Obama told her that she should be protesting the Republicans in Congress who are blocking the immigration bill.

The president went back to contrasting the Burke vision of the economy with what Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin. Obama said that Burke is a businesswoman and a practical person. He said that Wisconsin needs a government and a governor that would encourage new businesses.

Obama called out Walker for blocking health care reform based on ideology. Obama said, “I don’t know why you’d run on a platform of making sure that some folks don’t have health insurance.” The president also accused Walker of using the governor’s office to side with corporate interests.

President Obama never mentioned Scott Walker’s name, but he didn’t have to. The president took apart Scott Walker piece by piece. He specifically hit Republicans in the state for repealing the fair pay law.

The president reminded voters in Wisconsin that he can’t make change on his own. Obama said that Republicans are counting on voters being cynical and going along with the status quo.

Obama closed by discussing the power of hope, and told the crowd to go vote for Mary Burke.

The Wisconsin gubernatorial election is a dead heat. According to every recent poll, the election is tied. Gov. Scott Walker promised the people of the state that if they adopted his plan of cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations he would create 250,000 new jobs. Walker has not come close to that number.

Scott Walker would like the election to be about anything other than the economy. President Obama rolled into Milwaukee and made sure that the race remained centered on Scott Walker’s economic failures.

Obama kept hammering Walker’s weak spot over and over again. It is easy to see why this president won two presidential elections with little difficulty. President Obama is one of the two best campaigners in the country. (The other one is Bill Clinton). In seven days, the country will see whether the Obama magic has struck again, and sent Scott Walker to the unemployment line.

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