Bill Maher Rips Cowardly Democrats Who Are Throwing President Obama Under The Bus

Bill Maher Rips Cowardly Democrats Who Are Throwing President Obama Under The Bus

bill maher slams Democratic cowards

Bill Maher unloaded on cowardly Democratic candidates who have adopted the loser strategy of distancing themselves from the president, and throwing Obama under the bus.


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Maher said,

It didn’t have to be this way. If Democratic candidates would just stop throwing their own people and achievements under the bus and distancing themselves from their own president. That is never a winning strategy. Just ask President Al Gore. Clay Aiken, who’s running in Congress in North Carolina, recently said about the president, “I have nothing to do with him, and I can find several areas where I disagree.” Okay, but come Wednesday, Obama will still have a job whereas I don’t know what Clay will be doing, but I assume it involves a cruise ship and a cover of Copacabana.

But the one I feel bad for is Obama. Sixty-three straight months of economic expansion. A depression averted. A deficit reduced by two thirds. A health care law that’s working and lowering costs. Two women on the Supreme Court. Bin Laden’s dead. The stock market at record heights. An unemployment rate that dropped from 10.2 to 5.9. If you’re a Fox News viewer trying to do the math, that’s less. Gas prices are down.

Is it really that hard of a record to get behind? And yet, the way these Democrats have been distancing themselves from the president, you would think he’d just flown in from Liberia with his lunch in a barf bag. There are beheading videos with more likes. The Democrats have three Senate candidates won’t even admit to having voted for Obama.

Kentucky’s Alison Grimes was an Obama delegate. How do you explain that? Uh, hey, that’s why they call it a convention. I was drunk. It’s like if someone asks do you have sex with your husband? And you replied, I’d rather not say. But I will say that when my husband does want to have sex, I often disagree. I mean, c’mon Democrats. You gave people healthcare, not herpes. Own it. Instead of chasing polls, move them.

Maher’s right. The biggest mistake that Democratic candidates have made for decades is distancing themselves from their own president. Republicans con Democratic candidates into doing really stupid things like running away from successful presidents all of the time. It is a byproduct of Democratic candidates in conservative areas mistaking moderation for Republican lite.

What many people in blue parts of the country don’t understand is that a candidate can’t be a flaming liberal and win in the red or purple states. That is why Elizabeth Warren would crash and burn like Michael Dukakis is she ever ran for president. The base for liberal victories doesn’t exist in conservative parts of the country.

In a deep red state like Kansas, there is room for moderates to flourish. Since the Republican Party has gone extremist right, those moderates are finding a home in the Democratic Party. Moderate does not mean bashing Obama and behaving like a Republican in an attempt to win the support of voters who will NEVER vote for you.

When Democrats throw their president and their values under the bus, they lose. It is a cowardly strategy that alienates the Democratic base. It gives Republicans exactly what they want, and it makes it easier for conservatives to win.

Someday, maybe Democrats will learn that they can win by embracing their successes.

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