Kentucky Speaks: Man Gives Mitch McConnell a Thumbs Down While He Votes

Kentucky Speaks: Man Gives Mitch McConnell a Thumbs Down While He Votes

voter gives mitch mcconnell thumbs down

As Sen. Mitch McConnell tried to vote in Kentucky one of his constituents stood behind him and gave him a thumbs down which was captured in a picture for the world to see.

Here is the photographic evidence from Courier-Journal photographer Michael Clevenger:

The Kentucky Senate election could be much closer than anyone in the media or pollsters believed. Turnout in the several Grimes stronghold areas is ranging from 20%-40% at midday. Sen. McConnell is so unpopular in the state that he can’t go vote without a constituent letting the world know how he feels about being in the polling place as Sen. Gridlock.

It seems that Democrats might be right about 2014 being a turnout election. If the pollsters underestimated Democratic supporting turnout, then it is likely that the polls will be way off. It is clear that Mitch McConnell doesn’t have a five or seven-point lead.

As Election Day is unfolding, we could be seeing why McConnell tried to suppress the Democratic vote in Eastern Kentucky. The incumbent needs to run up big margins in coal country in order to offset the support for Alison Lundergan Grimes in the urban areas of the state. Should McConnell not run up a huge margin in the eastern part of the state, he could lose the election.

The enthusiasm being displayed on the ground for Grimes is a good omen for Democrats. It also matches up with the fact that Grimes drew bigger crowds than McConnell during the campaign. The telltale signs of which direction this election will go in should come fairly early. Grimes has given McConnell the fight of his life, and if everything goes right, she could the shock the mainstream press by becoming the next senator from Kentucky.

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