Conservatives Turn on McConnell And Anoint Ted Cruz The Leader Of Congress

Conservatives Turn on McConnell And Anoint Ted Cruz The Leader Of Congress

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It is a fairly safe bet that next to the Koch brothers, Heritage Foundation, Senate Conservative Fund, and the Club for Growth, no-one in Washington was as excited with the results of the midterm elections as corrupt Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell. It is also likely that McConnell has yearned to be Majority Leader throughout his political career, and although he may end up winning that coveted title, he will be Majority Leader in name only because pure conservatives at Heritage Action, Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservative Fund already have anointed Texas Ted Cruz as de facto leader of both chambers of Congress because he will deliver the ideological conservative goods, or decimate the government which is still a win in their minds.

Texas Ted will be the go-to vehicle through which all far-right rage in Congress, in both chambers, is realized and acted upon. He may only be a junior senator from Texas, but as such he quickly parlayed his extremist teabagger credentials into authority as de facto Speaker of the House over the past two years. How is that possible? He has the undying support, and unlimited funding, from the interests of radicalized “pure conservative” groups” such as Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, the Senate Conservatives Fund, Tea Party Patriots and any anti-government groups loyal to Wall Street and the Koch brothers.

What will prove interesting, if nothing else, is how McConnell reacts to being relegated to nothing more than a figure-head after lusting for the Majority Leader designation for three decades. Oh it is true McConnell adheres to nearly every policy Heritage, Senate Conservatives Fund, and Club For Growth espouse, but he clearly understands the damage to the Republican brand an extremist like Cruz can do on the national level. It is important to remember that after Cruz, as de facto House Speaker, masterminded the government shutdown in October 2013, the “official” Speaker John Boehner railed against the outside groups that “tricked our guys” into shutting down the government.

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Those outside groups understand that they likely only have two years to enact their anti-government agenda on the nation, and based on their operative Texas Ted’s plans, they will indeed attempt to lay waste to every government agency or shut down the government. Or worse they will allow Ted to force the nation and likely the world into an economic depression by creating a credit default; that is how serious they are about effecting the Koch brothers’ vision for America.

The real conservatives look forward to Cruz’s plan to push “his” Republican-led Senate to be as conservative and confrontational as “his” Republican-led House. The new Congressional leader said his first order of business will be “piggybacking on what House leaders have done for four years and immediately hold a series of hearings on President Obama’s abuse of power, the executive abuse, the regulatory abuse, and lawlessness that sadly has pervaded this administration.” Cruz has mastered corrupt Darrell Issa’s Obama Derangement Syndrome speech perfectly, and will deliver from the Senate the same time and money-wasting effort as House Republicans.

Incoming Senate majority leader Ted Cruz revealed his big plans, and a Koch brother agenda, for both houses of Congress in his first 100 days as GOP leader according to comments in the Washington Post. First on his Republican to-do list after initiating an Issa-like rash of investigations, is orchestrating a House-Senate reconciliation process to pass a quick, and comprehensive, “total Obamacare repeal so Obama can veto it” to fire up teabagger outrage and momentum to do some “serious government reform.” Remember, that in Republican parlance, reform is code for massive elimination: of taxes for the rich and corporations, several federal agencies, and every domestic program the Kochs hate because program or agency that serves the population and strengthens the country must be demolished.

There is good reason the press questioned Koch, Club for Growth, and Senate Conservative Fund teabagger candidates for Senate Jodi Ernst and Tom Tillis about how many federal agencies they intended to eliminate from the federal budget “when” they controlled the Congress. Although they never dared list which agencies are slated for death by Koch vision in public, their major funders and staunch supporters in the Club For Growth and Senate Conservative Fund had a pre-designated high-priority list of federal agencies to eliminate at their first opportunity.

For starters, pure conservatives included the Departments of Education, Commerce, Labor, and Agriculture for immediate and complete elimination that real conservatives consider the first step on the path to “limited government” that exists solely to serve the interests of Wall Street, corporations, and of course the Koch brothers. That elimination list invariably includes at least slashing and privatizing Social Security while raising the retirement age as recompense to Wall Street and financial institutions. Medicare will be transformed into a coupon for seniors over the age of 72, and Medicaid will be reduced to a shell of what it is now if it survives at all.

If Americans thought the Paul Ryan Path to Prosperity budget was harsh, Cruz’s Club for Growth and Senate Conservative Fund masters have a plan that makes Ryan’s budget look Christ-generous and will settle for nothing less than ending food stamps, unemployment insurance, and the federal minimum wage along with any anti-poverty program “pure conservatives” and the Koch brothers consider intolerable in their ideologically perverse libertarian vision for America.

If any of the racists, religious right, and discontented morons who voted for Republicans and their promise of “pure theocratic conservatism” believe for a nano-second there will be even a semblance of practical governance, like funding any part of the government or preventing a credit default and bankruptcy, their celebratory mood will be short-lived. However, for the “real conservatives,” with Ted Cruz leading both the House and Senate with his vicious Koch-teabagger anti-government thugs Mike Lee, Jodi Ernst, and Tom Tillis at his side, their wildest “drown the government” dream will be realized.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have already laid out their opening salvo to rape Americans out of their health insurance and privatize public education. But those are inconsequential compared to the real damage on the horizon. Even as harsh as taking healthcare away from a million Americans seems, it is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Club for Growth, Heritage Action, Senate Conservative Fund, and Koch brothers have in store for America, and with a “real conservative” leader like Ted Cruz running Congress, if they don’t destroy the government they will decimate the Republican brand for at least a decade.

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