Dick Cheney Flips and Provides Evidence That George W. Bush Committed War Crimes

Dick Cheney Flips and Provides Evidence That George W. Bush Committed War Crimes

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On Meet The Press, former vice president Dick Cheney claimed that he did not need a presidential pardon because he did not commit a crime, but he also threw George W. Bush under the bus by providing evidence that the former president committed war crimes.

Cheney repeatedly tried to hide behind 9/11. He went as far as defining torture as 9/11.

Later, Cheney said that Bush was not misled. He claimed that the president authorized torture.

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Cheney said,

He was briefed. I was heavily involved as was the National Security Director, Condi. The president writes about it in his own book….What happened was he and I met every single morning with the director of the CIA, with the National Security Advisor six days a week and reviewed everything basically in the intelligence arena. That is where we got most of our information. That and the PDB (President’s Daily Briefing). There would be special meeting on various subjects from time to time that he would be directly involved in. This man knew what we were doing. He authorized it. He approved it. The statement by the Senate Democrats for partisan purposes that the president didn’t know what was going on was just a flat out lie.

Cheney also claimed during the same interview that he did not need a presidential pardon, because no laws were broken.

The reason Cheney’s statements matter is because according to international law senior administration officials who knew about the torture program can be prosecuted.

United Nations Special Rapporteur on counter terrorism and human rights, Ben Emmerson explained the law, “International law prohibits the granting of immunities to public officials who have engaged in acts of torture. This applies not only to the actual perpetrators but also to those senior officials within the US Government who devised, planned and authorised these crimes….However, the heaviest penalties should be reserved for those most seriously implicated in the planning and purported authorisation of these crimes. Former Bush Administration officials who have admitted their involvement in the programme should also face criminal prosecution for their acts.”

Cheney admitted that Bush authorized the program, which means Bush is subject to the harshest international prosecution. The odds of the United States government turning over Cheney and Bush for prosecution are absolutely zero, but despite Cheney’s denials his words suggest that he wants to take George W. Bush down with him.

The war criminals are turning on each other, and Dick Cheney provided the evidence that is needed to prosecute George W. Bush.

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