Americans Love Their Obamacare: The ACA Is On Pace To Smash 2015 Sign Up Target

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Tuesday, December, 16th, 2014, 3:50 pm


The latest estimated enrollment numbers show that the ACA is on pace to blow past the Obama administration’s goal of 9.1 million enrolled Americans by 2015. These numbers demonstrate that Americans love their Obamacare.

Politico reported, “HealthCare.gov appeared to withstand a surge of consumer traffic ahead of Monday’s deadline for Jan. 1 coverage amid growing confidence that the administration will meet or surpass its scaled-back goal of having 9.1 million people covered in the exchanges in 2015…Consulting firm Avalere Health estimated Tuesday that 10.5 million people would be enrolled in the exchanges by the end of 2015, with some fluctuation during the year. As of mid-October, 6.7 million people were fully enrolled, meaning they had chosen a plan and were paying their premiums.”

The Obama administration’s goal was to have 9.1 people enrolled in 2015, but it looks like consumer demand will smash those goals by roughly 1.4 million. According to the website ACAsignups.net, 4.5 million more Americans have gotten affordable healthcare coverage during the 2014 open enrollment period. 3.38 million of those individuals purchased their coverage on healthcare.gov.

December 15 was the deadline for enrollment using the federal ACA website, but states that set up their own exchanges have different deadline dates for 2015 coverage. This is all bad news for Republicans who are still dreaming of killing the Affordable Care Act. It should come as a shock to no one who isn’t a Republican, but Americans want access to affordable healthcare.

The numbers for the January 2015 deadline reveal that Americans love their Obamacare. This development will also put political pressure on the Supreme Court when they hear arguments in a case that challenges the constitutionality of the federal subsidies for residents of states that didn’t set up their own exchanges.

The Republican fight to destroy Obamacare is only serving to make the party less party with mainstream voters. The Obama administration will be thrilled that the president’s signature policy achievement is popular with the millions of people who are gaining access to health insurance. Republicans turned Obamacare into a slur, but the popularity of the Affordable Care Act will make it nearly impossible for Republicans to legislatively kill.

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