Desperate For Cash Sarah Palin Says God Will Tell Her Whether Or Not To Run In 2016

Desperate For Cash Sarah Palin Says God Will Tell Her Whether Or Not To Run In 2016

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Sarah Palin says God will tell her whether or not to run for president, but the real reason why Palin is talking 2016 is a desperate need for cash.


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Sean Hannity asked Palin to explain her thought process about running in 2016. She answered, “My thought process personally and near and dear to my heart of course obviously would be my family and receiving their blessing to go forth first and foremost, and of course being a Christian, putting my life in God’s hands seeking guidance and inspiration divinely as to whether to run or not that’s at the top of the list, but as for the practical logistical steps you take, yes, I have a small team, and that would expand if any decision were to be made to move forward, and in the meantime, you know, I’m going to continue to do what I am doing and that’s helping find other candidates in other positions to get out there and do what’s right for their cities their states for our country, because the middle class as I said in that Iowa speech really is getting the shaft with policies coming down from in a lot of cases the state level certainly the federal level that are hurting working class Americans…”

During the same interview, Palin took a jab at Bill O’Reilly, but this is nothing new. O’Reilly doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for Palin. The idea that God will tell a candidate to run is the last resort for the various scammers and self-promoting riff-raff that surfaces during every presidential election cycle. It is laughable that the media would consider Palin to be a potential 2016 Republican candidate.

Palin’s Iowa speech at the “Freedom Summit” was widely panned by Republicans and conservatives. The reality is that Sarah Palin is making no moves towards running in 2016. Other contenders for the presidency are hiring staff and raising money while Palin has done absolutely nothing. Sarah Palin isn’t running. She isn’t serious about running. One hopes that God would have better things to do than to weigh in on Sarah Palin’s future. By the way, God also told Michele Bachmann to run in 2012, so one suspects that if God is dabbling in American politics, he/she has a great sense of humor.

The real reason Sarah Palin is going back to the fake presidential campaign well can be found in the finances of her SarahPAC. According to Open Secrets, SarahPAC’s fundraising dropped from more than $5 million in 2012 to $2.7 million in 2014. In 2014, the PAC spent more than it took in, and its cash on hand dropped to $825,556. In other words, Sarah Palin is rumbling about the White House because she needs cash. Palin can’t afford to run for president. Most of the big donors in the Republican Party are already choosing their candidates, but Palin has learned that pretending to run for president boosts donations, so Sarah is back to her favorite scam.

The media will never learn that Palin is running a con. She has no intention of running for office. Sarah Palin’s only mission is to scam more money out of her marks.

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