Richard Mack, Founder of CSPOA Wants You to Pay His Health Care Bills

Richard Mack, Founder of CSPOA Wants You to Pay His Health Care Bills

Richard Mack

Remember Richard Mack, the guy who defended welfare rancher Cliven Bundy? He’s also the founder of The Constitutonal Sherrifs and Peace Officers Assocation. Now he is uninsured, has a stack of healthcare bills and wants you to pay them.

He was one of those “sovereign citizens” who claimed that making healthcare affordable and accessible is tyranny. He didn’t merely oppose Obamacare, Mack was an active opponent.

Back in the day, he took to his website to preach the merits of state’s taking the Nancy Reagan approach to Obamacare. Just say no.

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The States do not have to take or support or pay for Obamacare or anything else from Washington DC. The States are not subject to federal direction,

Well, Mack had a heart attack in January. Here’s a shocker. He doesn’t have health insurance and can’t pay the mounting stack of bills for his treatment and on going recovery. According to Talking Points Memo, Mack’s wife fell ill last year and she is also uninsured.

Mack’s son explains that his father is self-employed so he doesn’t have health insurance. and therefore he is “desperate for our assistance.” Of course, that was reality for millions of Americans who didn’t have employer based health insurance and couldn’t afford to buy it as individuals. People with pre-existing conditions faced the same realities before Obamacare.

However, unlike Mack, millions of Americans chose to take personal responsibility and get insurance an option that was made possible because of Obamacare.

Critics like Mack whined about the tyranny that comes with having access to affordable healthcare when it is desperately needed without leaving in fear of bankruptcy. They yelled “personal responsibility”, no free lunches and, of course, they talked about death panels.

Of course, the Macks are big believers in personal responsibility. They believe in people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. Live within your means and if you can’t get another job.That’s why Richard Mack is asking you to pay their medical bills via gofund. He explains the fact that recovery from a heart attack takes time and money, along with the problems that come with being physically unable to work.

Since it appears that recovery will take a good deal of time with associated expenses, I struggle to not feel stress – both the stress of thinking about huge hospital and other medical bills as well as regular living expenses while I am unable to work — and also the stress of not being able to accomplish what I am so passionate about doing for others.

Of course, he and his ilk were deaf on these realities during the Obamacare debate. In their world, Obamacare was just about government over-reach and lazy people wanting “free stuff.”

Now that Mack is living the reality that millions of Americans know all to well. He is “desperate for our assistance.” The reality is he is living a nightmare by choice, that other people were forced to live before Obamacare.

In the end, Richard Mack is a case study in the realities that made Obamcare necessary. It means people who believe in personal responsibility can do the responsibility and buy health insurance they can afford, instead of begging others to do it for them.

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