Rand Paul Launches His 2016 Presidential Campaign With A Big Lie About President Obama

Rand Paul Launches His 2016 Presidential Campaign With A Big Lie About President Obama



Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) launched his 2016 presidential campaign with a big lie about President Obama that is so old that it was first debunked in 2012.

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Paul declared, “I have a message. We’ve come to take our country back.” Paul said that the Washington machine that is “gobbling up our freedoms” must be stopped.

Sen. Paul stated that he has a vision for America that includes restoring prosperity to America by limiting government. Paul tried to channel the language of his daddy without sounding so crazy. He didn’t succeed.

One of Paul’s main themes is bringing a surgical approach to governing. Paul blamed the economic collapse on spending and debt, and blamed both parties and the entire political system.

Paul lied about President Obama’s record by claiming that President Obama has added more debt than all presidents combined. This talking point was debunked nearly four years ago by PoliFact, “In terms of both debt held by the public and total debt, the Obama administration has added less debt than the amounts in place when he took office.”

In fact, President Obama has cut the federal deficit by more than half.

The only piece of legislation that Sen. Paul discussed was his Read The Bills Act that would require Senators to read all of the bills that they would be voted on.

What was interesting about his speech was how Paul tried to walk the line between the establishment that he desperately wants to be a part of, and his father’s rhetoric. Paul’s agenda involved enterprise zones, lowering taxes on overseas corporations and spending the money on infrastructure.

The problem with Paul’s plan is that there is no incentive for corporations that are paying nothing to move their profits home and pay something.

Rand Paul’s “new way” sounded like the same old stuff. Paul is mixing standard Republican talking points like school choice with his dad’s liberty rhetoric.

Perpetually running for president is the Paul family business, and the worst kept secret for years has been that Rand is taking over for his old man.

It wasn’t his first lie, and it won’t be his last, but Rand Paul began his bid for the White House with a big Obama lie.

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