Fox Dredges Up Compulsive Liar Mitt Romney To Claim That Hillary Clinton Is Untrustworthy

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Sunday, April, 12th, 2015, 11:03 am


Fox News Sunday turned to a man who lied his way through an entire presidential campaign while refusing to release his tax returns (Mitt Romney) to argue that Hillary Clinton is untrustworthy.


Host Chris Wallace asked Romney what is the most effective way to make the case against Clinton.

Romney said:

Well, I think the American people are making that case already. You’ve seen in polls and discussions across the country a feeling that Hillary Clinton is just not trustworthy. This whole story about her that having erased all of her emails even though they were subject to recall and review by Congress. I think that’s made people remember that with the Clintons it’s always something.

And I think also the fact that she’s been there a long time. She’s a creature of Washington. How many years did she say, eighteen years she hasn’t driven a car? She’s been driven by Secret Service and other security. I mean, she’s been there a long time. I think people want to see change, want to see something new, and Hillary Clinton’s just not that person.

Mitt Romney wasn’t telling the truth. Hillary Clinton did not delete all of her emails. Clinton has turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the State Department.

Romney has no room to talk about destroying records. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney spent $100,000 in taxpayer money to replace all of the computers in his office in an attempt to keep his records a secret.

The 2012 Republican nominee also refused to release his tax returns while running for president, and tried to win the White House by compulsively lying about anything and everything on a daily basis. Mitt Romney is the last political figure on earth that Republicans should be using to make the trust argument against Hillary Clinton.

Romney said that the American people want something new, and the Republican answer will be Jeb Bush.

The Republican effort to stop Hillary Clinton has already run aground. The fact that Mitt Romney is the guy making the trust argument is a sure sign that Republicans are in trouble.

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