Sean Hannity And Guest Blame Jon Stewart And Liberals For Spring Break Rape

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Wednesday, April 15th, 2015, 4:53 pm

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On the Tuesday night episode of Hannity, guest Gavin McInnes accused Comedy Central’s host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, of having blood on his hands for the March spring break rape of two Troy University students in Florida. The sexual assaults that allegedly took place in Panama City, Florida between March 10th and March 12th were captured on video. Two college students have been arrested for sexual battery in connection with the incident.

Gavin McInnes took aim at Jon Stewart for mocking Sean Hannity as “America’s oldest hall monitor”. Stewart made the remarks in response to Hannity’s moralizing coverage of Spring Break revelry, instead of focusing on more substantive news stories. McInnes blasted Stewart by saying:

Jon Stewart and all these other smug liberals that were laughing the whole time are exactly the same as the bystanders that walked by. They have the same blood on their hands.

The sycophantic Hannity dutifully agreed with his guest, responding obsequiously:

You’re right. They attacked our coverage and I wish we were wrong. I wish it was a joke. This isn’t a joke.

Gavin McInnes is a curious guest to invite onto a show to discuss sexual assault against women. He is the controversial author of the article “When Is It OK to Hit a Woman?” and he insists that gender equality is a myth. He also argues that women shouldn’t attend spring break events because women “can’t hold their booze as well as men”.

Hannity sure knows how to pick a guest who will be sensitive to sexual assault victims. During a recent Newsmax interview on The Steve Malzberg Show, Gavin McInnes offered his take on Hillary Clinton:

Look, the real Hillary, I hope she rears her ugly head because she is a beast. And I don’t just mean wildly unattractive. There’s all kinds of stories of her physically abusing her husband and him having to lie like a battered housewife about a black eye. We know that her and Huma seem pretty good together and their husbands seemed to get real lonely and get up to all kinds of mischief. I don’t know what that means but it doesn’t look great for her. I think personally the actual woman is a tyrannical, cruel, just a giant ego who doesn’t have any — she’s almost like a robot.

Notice he blames Hillary Clinton for her husband’s sexual infidelity. In Gavin’s twisted mind, it’s apparently the woman’s fault if her husband decides to cheat. No serious news program would ever consider soliciting the opinion of a misogynist like Gavin McInnes to discuss sexual assault. Of course, Hannity isn’t a real news show. Sean Hannity is all too willing to suck up to any guest who will blame problems on liberals, no matter how objectionable that guest is.

So while Sean Hannity and Gavin McInnes point their misdirected fingers at liberals in general, and specifically, at Jon Stewart, they ignore the very misogyny they articulate, which dehumanizes women and gives ideological ammunition for rapists. While it would be an overstatement to say that Hannity or McInnes have “blood on their hands” for the sexual assaults that took place in Panama City, Florida, it would be closer to the truth than assigning blame to feminists or Jon Stewart for those horrifying assaults.

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