Fox News Sabotages Its Own Propaganda With Poll Showing Democrats Happy With Hillary Clinton

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Thursday, April, 23rd, 2015, 7:07 pm


Fox News has been undone by facts again as a new Fox News poll debunked the network’s myth that Democrats are unhappy with Hillary Clinton.

Fox News broke down the data that destroyed their hopes for Democratic disunity:

In the quest for the Democratic nomination, former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton remains on top with 62 percent support among self-identified Democratic primary voters. She’s the only declared candidate on the Democratic side. Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (12 percent) and Vice President Joe Biden (9 percent) lag far behind.

Despite far fewer options, Democratic primary voters (71 percent) are a tad bit more likely than their GOP counterparts (67 percent) to say they are satisfied with their 2016 choices.

The Bush dynasty is seen as a negative while the Clinton dynasty is a positive. By a 58-34 percent margin, voters say being related to previous presidents is a disadvantage for Jeb Bush, yet by a 52-39 percent margin they think it’s an advantage for Hillary Clinton.

The Republican Party and their main media outlet (Fox News) have been pushing the fantasy that Democrats are dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as their main option. The right has been desperately trying to turn their twenty plus Republican presidential candidates into lemonade by touting their “deep bench,” and “options.” The reality is that Democratic Party has a major advantage because they are unified around their candidate while Republicans are getting set to engage in a geographic turf war in the hope that one candidate will emerge that can effectively challenge former Sec. Clinton.

Fox News has been featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) lately in a transparently blatant attempt to create division within the Democratic primary. The plan has failed as Sen. Sanders has turned the tables on Fox by discussing his agenda while dominating their attempts to get him to attack Clinton.

The conservative cable news network has managed to shoot itself in the foot with a poll that disproves the myth that they are trying to convince their viewers is true. Facts have proven once again that they are the biggest enemy of Fox News.

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