As Clinton Cash Collapses A Defeated Fox News Gets Seriously Desperate

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Sunday, April, 26th, 2015, 5:35 pm

Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

fox news sunday clinton cash

Fox News is desperately trying to create a new Congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton even as Clinton Cash crumbles before their eyes.


Fox News Sunday’s interview of Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer, revealed their true agenda.
Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: There’s no indication that Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton took direct action. I mean, it’s a coincidence or some could say it’s more than that, but you don’t have the direct action.

SCHWEIZER: Well, I think they discovered the direct action in those cases once law enforcement began the investigation. And that’s my point. My point, as I think you pointed out and I state clearly in the book — I don’t have subpoena power. I’m an author. I’m looking at pattern of behavior, and patterns of conduct of funds, and I’m saying this warrants further investigation.


WALLACE: For more on this, you can see the full documentary, “Fox News reporting: The Tangled Clinton Web” tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern on the Fox News Channel. But up next, reaction from Clinton insider, special counsel Lanny Davis, on whether Bill or Hillary Clinton did anything wrong.

It is obvious that the calls for investigation are part of a scheme to try to turn The Clinton Foundation into the issue that takes down Hillary Clinton. The New York Times and Washington Post foolishly gave the Clinton Cash book mainstream credibility, and now Fox News is calling on Republicans in Congress to investigate The Clinton Foundation.

Wallace’s interview of Schweizer exposed the political agenda behind Fox News. There was no pretense or facade of journalism. The Wallace interview was a shameless hype vehicle designed to press for another Congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton.

The wheels have come off of Clinton Cash, but that isn’t stopping Fox News from trying to do their part to get a Republican elected to be the next president.

Clinton Cash should look familiar because Republicans used the same tactics to try to get America interested in the Benghazi emails, but just like Benghazi, Clinton Cash is a scam.

Republicans can’t win on the issues, so they are trying to invent a scandal to destroy the woman who is the best candidate in either party. Clinton Cash is the same tired Republican tactics hidden behind a new fact free book.

The fact that Fox News is pushing so hard indicated that Republicans have already lost the war to create a new Hillary Clinton scandal.

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