Ben Carson Announces His 2016 Campaign By Calling For A Tax Free Stimulus For Corporations

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Monday, May 4th, 2015, 12:42 pm

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Ben Carson launched his presidential campaign by for a new stimulus for America, which involved giving some of the largest corporations in the world a tax holiday in the United States.


While announcing his campaign in Detroit, MI, Carson said:

We obviously have to create an environment that is conducive to them making money, and that means lowering that corporate tax rate and making it competitive. And if we were really smart, we would do another big stimulus. You’re saying what is he talking about. What did he just say? Well, remember that big billion dollar stimulus that we were supposed to have at the beginning of the Obama administration? Whatever happened to that?

But I know where we could get a really big stimulus, there’s two trillion dollars in offshore money, and they won’t bring it back because they tax it at thirty-five percent. What if we give them a tax holiday? And let them bring it back. Repatriate that money. Won’t cost us a dime. That’s the kind of thing we need to start thinking about.

Much of Carson’s speech was dedicated to telling America how the country can be turned around if rich people and corporations are given more.

Carson also called for people to rise up and take their government back. By people, he meant those who can be conned into believing that giving wealthy individuals and corporations tax cuts will somehow make their own lives better.

Ben Carson also claimed that the fact that he is a surgeon makes him qualified to be president. By Carson’s logic, any profession makes anyone qualified to be president. Dr. Carson is running for the Republican nomination to be the candidate of conspiracy loving mentally ill conservative. Carson isn’t going to win anything, but for half a day or so, the media is prepared to pretend like Carson, and his utterly hopeless counterpart Carly Fiorina each have a chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Carson’s speech illustrates that the names and faces change, but the failed ideology of upwardly redistributing wealth to corporations and those who have the most remains strong. It is this failed socio-economic belief system that both links the Republican presidential candidates together and dooms them to defeat in 2016.

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