Scott Walker Self-Destructs By Suggesting That Ultrasounds Are Like Selfies

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Wednesday, May, 27th, 2015, 7:35 pm

Scott Walker evolution

Rob Thomas says he had no trouble coming up with the Quote of the Day for the Wisconsin Cap Times today in a piece titled, “In Case You Missed It: Scott Walker thinks ultrasounds are like a selfie for the womb”.

Trying to justify his 2013 law that forces women to undergo a medically unnecessary and costly ultrasound before they can exercise their constitutionally-protected freedom, Walker said:

“I think about, my sons are 19 and 20, you know, we still have their first ultrasound picture. It’s just a cool thing out there.”

Thomas explained that Walker became an “immediate subject of derision for telling conservative talk show host Dana Loesch that mandatory ultrasounds are a ‘cool thing’ — you know, a hot trend, like selfie sticks or dadbods.”

Who is going to tell the Republican governor and 2016 presidential candidate that the two ultrasound methods are very different? The one they used to get pictures of his sons is not the same as a transvaginal ultrasound. Maybe if he doesn’t know any better, he might want to hush up about it, because he is once again making a fool of himself. Also a note, doctors like to tell you that these are “painless”. And some women say that’s true. Others experience them as invasive and painful. (I wouldn’t recommend it for fun, for example, unlike… say…. a selfie.)

Not impressed, Thomas noted, “Quite the trendspotter, our governor.”

It’s not all about ultrasounds as the new selfie either. In their lead editorial, they determine the Governor is both “incompetent and irresponsible”. Quite a performance for someone running for president.

Our lead editorial Wednesday didn’t mention Walker’s coolhunter skills in ripping him for being both “incompetent and irresponsible” — incompetent for his performance and irresponsible for skating away from the consequences and not trying to fix his mistakes.

In that editorial, which is a must-read, they divulge the worst news. Forget the scandals swirling around Walker since his time in college, the man is “exceptionally incompetent and he is exceptionally irresponsible.”

That was confirmed in brutal detail last week by two separate stories that explain the mess Walker has made of Wisconsin’s economy.

To be fair to the Republican governor, the reason he’s so busy talking up transvaginal ultrasounds and likening them to selfies is because he can’t afford to talk about anything else. Walker made a mess of Wisconsin’s economy — the thing he ran on — and he’s been fudging the numbers and making up new math ever since. He embarrassed himself repeatedly on the national stage when trying to opine about things like foreign policy.

The man is not fit for prime time, but like his twin in Alaska, doesn’t know it.

So what is a person too arrogant to know that they are being used by the Republican Party and the Koch brothers and it won’t turn out well to do, but discuss shoving an ultrasound wand up women for no reason as if it’s like taking a selfie. Scott Walker has always been Sarah Palin but with more staying power. That is, he hasn’t quit his job midway through. He is, however, just as incompetent and just as foolish and most damaging of all, just as willing to buy his own press.

If Scott Walker were smart, he’d take a look at the woman who just a year or so after running for Vice President was rejected by even Fox News. The Republican Party loves to pick a new, charismatic person who is willing to sell their soul (or doesn’t have one) for the Koch brothers et al. Once this person gets busted as the charlatan they are, the GOP leaves them in the dust to wither away on reality TV.

Compare Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) to Governor Scott Walker. You will never see Ted Cruz get taken by anyone. The man knows how to run the long con to benefit only himself. But Scott Walker is a willing servant to the Kochs, just like Palin was. Today’s star is tomorrow’s trash. And that is why he is talking about ultrasounds and comparing his theft of women’s constitutionally-protected rights to taking a selfie.

Scott Walker justifies his anti-women’s rights stance as being “pro-life”, but defunded Planned Parenthood, which provides the one sure thing to reduce abortions (birth control). Walker has yet to denounce the Duggar family after proudly standing with Josh Duggar in photos. That’s not exactly pro-life, that’s anti-women and children. He might have fooled Wisconsin voters into thinking he was a moderate, but the policies speak for themselves and he won’t get away with it on the national stage.

I’d like to formally invite the Governor to take a “selfie” of the transvaginal kind. You know, just ‘cuz it’s so cool.

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