The Fox News Effect? Deranged White Terrorist Threatens Unarmed Muslims And The Media Shrugs

The Fox News Effect? Deranged White Terrorist Threatens Unarmed Muslims And The Media Shrugs


A deranged white terrorist threatened two unarmed Muslims and the media has again chosen to ignore the impact of a conservative media culture that spreads hatred and fear.

KARE 11 reported that while Majida and Adly Abumayaleh were waiting outside of a family friend’s house for their teenage son, they were approached by Nancy Kay Knoble who did her best George Zimmerman impression:

“She said you are suspicious in this neighborhood. She told me open the window, open the window. We couldn’t do anything. I was frozen,” Majida Abumayaleh explained of the incident.

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She claims, and authorities are backing her up, that 48-year-old Nancy Kay Knoble began threatening her and her husband, Adly, while they were in their car waiting for their son at around 11:00 p.m.

Majida and Adly were not armed, they were not even outside of their car but Knoble, charging documents say, was pounding on their windows demanding them to get out of the car.

But the yelling wasn’t the scariest thing Knoble was doing according to the charges against her.

“She pulled the rifle and said open the window or I’ll shoot you guys,” Adly explained.

Police arrested Knoble on assault and terroristic threat charges, but the bigger question is where is the outrage when two unarmed Muslims are threatened by a white person because they looked “suspicious?” It is doubtful that Knoble would not have bothered the couple if they were white. Apparently, white people don’t look suspicious.

Journalist and daughter of Majida and Adly, Mnar A. Muhawesh, described the encounter on her Facebook page, “My parents were held at gunpoint over the weekend for what we believe could be a hate crime. My mother who wears the hijab and my father who looks somewhat Middle Eastern are both in their 50s. They were sitting in their car waiting to pick up my 15 year old brother from his friend’s house Friday evening when a middle aged woman came banging on my mom’s window, demanding that she pulled her window down. She then pulled out a rifle pointed it to my mom’s head and my mom immediately started yelling “she has a gun”. The woman then went to my dad’s side, forced them both out, and said that they looked “suspicious” and knows what their “kind was up to.” She claimed to be neighborhood watch and wouldn’t believe my parents that they were there to pick my brother from his friends house ( who were close family friends).”

Muhawesh believes that her parents were the victims of a hate crime, and she is right. Her parents went through a terrifying ordeal because a white person determined that they didn’t belong in that neighborhood. This logic is all too familiar to those who remember the Trayvon Martin shooting. African-Americans are threatening “thugs,” and Muslims are “terrorists.” The police are speculating that Knoble has a mental illness, or perhaps she was just acting out on what too many media sources have been brainwashing their viewers with.

We don’t know if the person who has been charged in this case watched Fox News, but the message of conservative media has seeped into America’s cultural ecosystem. There are people who don’t watch Fox News, but have been influenced by the people around them who do, and the fact that the rest of the media has on more times than not tried to mimic Fox News.

A media structure has been built that spreads fear and hatred. The media will treat the story of what happened to Majida and Adly Abumayaleh as an isolated incident caused by one bad apple while ignoring the fact that there is an entire media apparatus that is creating Nancy Kay Knobles all across this country.

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