Fox Hits A Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform To Explain Away Child Molestation

Fox Hits A Deplorable Low By Giving The Duggars A Platform To Explain Away Child Molestation


Fox News has hit a new low by announcing that they are giving Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar airtime in order to allow them to explain away how they covered up the child molestation crimes committed by their son Josh.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar announced via a post on their blog that they would be going on Fox News next week, “Next week we will sit down with Megyn Kelly on Fox News to share our hearts with you about the pain that we walked through as a family twelve years ago, the tears we all shed and the forgiveness that was given. We appreciate the outpouring of love and prayers for our family at this time.”

Fox News later confirmed that the interview will air on Wednesday June 3 at 9 PM ET:

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The Duggars have chosen to go on Fox News because they know that they are going to get to avoid the tough question by appearing on a network that will give them lots of sympathy. The Duggars didn’t choose to go on 60 Minutes, or do a primetime network special. The Duggars haven’t held a press conference or answered any questions. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are pulling from page one of the Republican playbook. When in trouble, run to Fox News.

Jim Bob and Michelle have already tipped their hands about what they are going to say. They aren’t going to apologize for enabling a child molester and hiding his crimes. They aren’t going to admit their own wrongdoing and take responsibility for their actions.

The Duggar parents are going to go on Fox News and talk about how the left and the media are out to get them. There will be plenty of references to how they have forgiven Josh and so has God. The Duggars will talk about how unfair this has all been to them, and how they have suffered. The Duggars will tell the nation how heartbreaking this was for them. They will discuss how they cried and prayed. Jim Bob Duggar will repeat his debunked tale of going to the police. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will be the persecuted party.

The one thing that Jim Bob and Michelle won’t talk about is Josh Duggar’s victims. They also won’t talk about how they covered up their sons crimes to protect the only job they’ve ever been good at, being a reality television freak show.

Lies and falsehoods are a normal course of business at Fox News, but giving airtime to parents who covered up the sex crimes of their own son is a new low even for Fox News.

If the Duggars think one Fox News interview is going to save their show, they’re wrong. Advertisers have bolted by the dozens. Many of these advertisers are promising not to buy ads on any future Duggar related programming. The end looks like it is near for 19 Kids and Counting. If Fox News really was interested in journalism, they might try to interview the sisters that Josh Duggar molested.

Fox News isn’t interested in the true story. Instead, the nation should be prepared for an interview where Jim Bob Duggar explains away his child molester son’s crimes.

The Duggars want to tell you why they are the real victims, and Fox News is going to help them take their message of child sex abuse cover-up nationwide.

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