Republican Nightmare Bernie Sanders Exposes GOP Social Security Killing Dreams on National TV

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Thursday, June 4th, 2015, 3:23 pm

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Bernie Sanders is becoming a daily nightmare for Republicans. Sen. Sanders went on CNN today and cut through the Republican double talk by letting the entire country know the GOP plan for killing Social Security.

On CNN’s Wolf, Sanders said, Look, what Perry and these other guys are talking about, this is the decade-long attack on Social Security by the Republican Party. They want to privatize it eventually. They want to make cuts. We have millions of seniors struggling twelve, thirteen, fourteen thousand dollars a year. I will not accepting cutting Social Security.”

Blitzer asked Sanders about means testing and if millionaires and benefits deserve to get benefits. The Democratic presidential candidate answered, “They’re not talking about millionaires and billionaires. They’re talking about lowering it to forty thousand dollars a year…It’s a universal program. Everybody deserves to put into it. Everybody deserves to get a benefit out of it. We can extend that program by not asking anybody more than the top two percent to contribute into it.”

Republicans love to talk about “saving Social Security” and entitlement reform. What they don’t tell the American people is that they plan to save the program by killing it. Republicans oppose raising the earnings cap so that wealthy Americans pay more into the fund. What they support is imposing means testing requirements that will take Social Security away from anyone earning a middle-class income. In short, Republicans want to kill Social Security.

Bernie Sanders has become an even bigger nightmare for Republicans because, as a presidential candidate with growing support, he can get on national television and speak the truth to more Americans than ever before. Sanders is shaping more than the 2016 presidential campaign. The Senator from Vermont is also shifting the national political conversation.

Republicans are trying to stop Bernie Sanders because he is exposing their agenda speaking the truth to a media that has been most often too content to pass along talking points and lies.

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