Former Ready For Warren Group Formally Endorses Bernie Sanders For President

Former Ready For Warren Group Formally Endorses Bernie Sanders For President


The coalition of progressive groups that tried to draft Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 has officially endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

The group has rebranded itself as Ready To Fight and announced their support for Bernie Sanders:

But having demonstrated how much support Elizabeth Warren has, we’ve spent the past few weeks listening to our grassroots supporters and the progressive community about what they want to do next. And one thing we heard time and again is that they’re ready to play a big role in 2016, fighting alongside Warren on issues like trade, student debt, and reining in Wall Street.

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They are also ready to back “Warren Wing” candidates who embody Warren’s fearless brand of progressive populism. And although it isn’t just about the presidency, 58% of supporters have urged us to back Bernie Sanders as the candidate currently running for president who best embodies the values that Warren champions.

That’s why on Friday, Ready for Warren is launching a new grassroots initiative called Ready to Fight — and Ready to Fight is endorsing Bernie Sanders as its candidate for president.


Because while Warren is the champion who inspired this movement, the draft effort was never just about her — it’s about her message and the values she represents. Bernie Sanders has caught fire in a way that’s reminiscent of the draft Warren movement itself — from the Internet to town halls in Iowa, Sanders has captured the imagination and support of people looking for a real progressive challenger in the 2016 Democratic primary.

The progressive activists are unifying behind Bernie Sanders as the Hillary Clinton alternative in the Democratic field. This is horrible news for Martin O’Malley and every other Democratic candidate, as the contest for the Democratic nomination is effectively a two-person race.

Bernie Sanders is experiencing a surge in national momentum that no other candidate in either party has experienced this year. The Republican candidates tend to get a flavor of the week bump after they first announce but quickly fall back into the pack.

Sen. Sanders has broken out from the pack as a candidate that has captured the imaginations of millions. Ready For Warren had raised a substantial amount of money, and more importantly for Sanders had a grassroots organization set up in the early primary states that should prove very helpful to Sanders.

Elizabeth Warren supporter have joined with Bernie Sanders supporters, and the result could be a competitive primary for the Democratic nomination.

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