Donald Trump Lies And Claims That He Is Drawing Big Crowds Like Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump Lies And Claims That He Is Drawing Big Crowds Like Bernie Sanders

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During an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lied and claimed that he is drawing big crowds just like Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: You think Bernie Sanders can beat her?

TRUMP: Well, he’s making a lot of progress. You know, you would have said, and I’ve watched him. I’ve seen his crowds. I get crowds that are fantastic too. He’s got that. He’s got a lot of people going to see him. Do I think so? No, I don’t think so. But you know stranger – hey, you been in this world a long time. Stranger things have happened.

TAPPER: Some people look at you running for president and say, this is just about ego, getting his brand out there. What’s your message to those people?

TRUMP: My message is that they’re wrong. It’s something that I’ve looked at over the years. I looked at it very seriously as you know, four years ago. I’ve been thinking about it very seriously over the last period of time and I’ve decided I’m going to do it.

Bernie Sanders is drawing thousands upon thousands of people to his events while Donald Trump paid actors to dress up like supporters and cheer for him at his campaign launch.

The media has already been trying to create a false equivalency between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The reality is that Sanders is a dedicated public servant who has held office for decades while Trump is a reality television star who has never done anything in the public service realm.

Sanders and Trump have nothing in common. Donald Trump is an example of the kind of entitled billionaire that Bernie Sanders is leading a revolution against. Donald Trump is a professional carnival barker and self-promoter who will do and say anything for media attention.

Bernie Sanders is leading a true grassroots movement that Donald Trump is trying to latch his bogus presidential campaign on to. Donald Trump is hiring actors to pretend to support him. There is no comparison between Trump and Sanders, and those in the media who are enabling Trump’s lies deserve the public’s scorn.

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