Mitch McConnell Hits A New Low As Kentucky Thinks Dead Col. Sanders Would Be A Better Senator

Mitch McConnell Hits A New Low As Kentucky Thinks Dead Col. Sanders Would Be A Better Senator

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is so unpopular in Kentucky that the state’s voters thought KFC’s Colonel Sanders would be a better senator that McConnell.

According to PPP, “In spite of KFC’s weak poll numbers Colonel Sanders remains a beloved figure, with 71% of voters seeing him favorably to only 8% with an unfavorable view. In fact they even think Colonel Sanders could be part of the solution to the problems in Washington- by a 47/27 spread voters in the state say they think Colonel Sanders would make for a better US Senator than Mitch McConnell. Too bad he’s dead.”

Kentucky voters would rather have a dead fried chicken magnate as their senator than the very much still alive Mitch McConnell. Sen. McConnell’s approval rating in the state continues to be dismal. Only 32% of Kentucky voters approval of McConnell’s job performance. Fifty-four percent disapprove. Republicans gave McConnell a slight 47%-37% approval advantage, but his approval rating with Democrats and Independents is in the 20s.

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McConnell continues to prove that elections are often about who shows up to vote, not how unpopular a candidate is. Mitch McConnell is not popular in Kentucky by any measurement, but Republicans continue to hold their noses and vote for him because they believe that he is their only choice.

Kentucky’s voters have spoken, and they think that they would be better served by having a dead person represent them than they are by Mitch McConnell.

The reality is that Mitch McConnell isn’t a very good senator, and the fact that he is now losing in polls to dead people suggests that his current term should be his last.

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