Emails Reveal That Hillary Clinton Thinks That Fox News Is Insane

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Wednesday, July, 1st, 2015, 6:10 pm


In the latest batch of emails that were released by the State Department, Hillary Clinton expresses hope that a friend becomes a Fox News regular because their shows need at least one sane realistic voice.

Via TVNewser:

In a 2009 email to Clinton, Marty Torrey, a family friend, asked if Clinton had seen an appearance on Fox News Channel by Harold Naughton, a Massachusetts state representative:

‘You may not have caught our friend Hank on Fox News at 6:15 AM today. He did a great job on the issue of troop requirements in Afghanistan and the controversy w/ VP v General opinions on troop needs. Spoke with Hank yesterday. He was characteristically a ‘cool hand’ this morning in what I think was his national media ‘debut’. Hope all is well. Best, Marty.’

Clinton replies, ‘Yeah for Hank! Maybe he will become a regular. Those shows need at least one sane realistic voice.’ Torrey replied, ‘Yep, especially certain Fox personalities.’

Republicans still haven’t gotten their Benghazi smoking gun email out the State Department dumps, but voters did find a position that should make Hillary Clinton very popular. Former Sec. Clinton is well aware that Fox News is insane and out of touch with reality.

Clinton is not wrong. By using constant propaganda and appeals to the naturally paranoid state of many Republicans, Fox News has created a television channel whose viewers bear a more than passing resemblance to a cult. Fox News viewers are told that all other media is lying to them and that Fox News is the source of truth.

Fox tells their viewers that they are better informed because they watch Fox, when studies have demonstrated that the opposite is true. Sixty percent of statements made on Fox News that were checked by fact checkers were deemed lies. Most of the people in front of the camera at Fox News are not realistic, and if they aren’t crazy are paid very well to act insane.

In other words, any candidate that gets their information from Fox News isn’t fit to be president.

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