Obama Rolls In Wisconsin While Obliterating Republicans With A 4th Of July Fact Bomb

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Thursday, July, 2nd, 2015, 3:23 pm

Obama La Crosse Wisconsin

President Obama delivered an epic speech in La Crosse, Wisconsin where he both celebrated his administration’s successes while dropping numerous fact bombs on his Republican critics.

The President was talking about the successes of his administration during a speech in La Crosse, Wisconsin when he said:

As I already mentioned, health reform means the uninsured rate is the lowest on record. You know, I have these vague recollections when Republicans were saying Obamacare would kill jobs and crush freedom, and bring about death panels. Turns out, we’re still celebrating the 4th of July. The only difference is another sixteen million Americans can celebrate it with healthcare.

That’s worth celebrating.

The Republic survived.

Later, the President dropped another fact on the GOP, “I just want to play back the tape. I want to play back the tape because we were told all these measures were going to destroy jobs and explode the deficit. Remember that? Remember when Republicans promised to bring unemployment down to six percent by 2017? So we’ve got a record streak of private sector job growth, we’ve cut the deficit by two-thirds, our stock market has more than doubled restoring 401(k)s for millions of families. This is progress. Step by step America is moving forward. Middle-class economics works.”

President Obama reminded the audience that the fight goes on to work towards an economy where everyone has a chance to succeed. He warned the American people that Republicans are going to be making a whole bunch of stuff up. He added, “When I say a lot of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff.”

Obama said that Republicans have so many candidates running that they’ll have enough for an actual Hunger Games.

The speech was a part victory lap, and a partial reminder that the fight goes on because Republicans are going to be running on going back to the failed top-down economics of the past. He said, “One thing that the bus full of people who are fighting to lead the Republican ticket all share is that they keep coming up with the same old trickle down you’re on your own economics they helped bring about the crisis in 2007-2008 in the first place. And I want to emphasize, I know some of them well. They’re good people. It’s just that their ideas are bad. And I want to emphasize that, we’re one country. We’re all on one team, so we’re all one American family. But we all go for Thanksgiving and Uncle Harry starts saying something, and you say, ‘Uncle Harry, that makes no sense at all.’ You still love him. He’s still a member of your family, but you got to correct him. You don’t want to put him in charge of stuff.”

Obama then listed a few of the bad Republican ideas like elimating taxes on the wealthiest Americans’ investments while forcing everyone else to pay more in taxes. He called out Republicans on opposing the minimum wage while wanting to cut taxes for those at the top and cutting funding for education. He said that Republicans are still obsessed with repealing Obamacare.

President Obama was in rare form in Wisconsin. The President brought the fireworks and his fact bombs made sure that Republicans are reminded of all of their failed predictions on the 4th of July.

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