President Obama Kills Scott Walker’s White House Dream By Exposing His Record Of Failure

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Friday, July, 3rd, 2015, 3:23 pm


President Obama put a stake through the heart of Scott Walker’s chances of winning the White House by exposing the Walker’s record of economic failure to a national audience.


The President said:

But we’ve seen what happens when top-down economics meets the real world. We’ve got proof right here in Wisconsin. You had a statewide fair pay law that was repealed. Your right to organize and bargain collectively was attacked.

Per-student education funding was cut. Your minimum wage has been stuck in place. Meanwhile, corporations and the most fortunate few have been on the receiving end of hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax cuts over the past four years.

All right, so that’s what’s been going on here. What happens when we try middle-class economics? Just across the river I mean, it’s a pretty interesting experiment. Across the river, in Minnesota, they asked the top 2 percent to pay a little bit more. They invested in things that help everybody succeed — like all-day kindergarten and financial aid for college students. They took action to raise their minimum wage. They passed an equal pay law. They protected workers’ rights. They expanded Medicaid to cover more people.

Now, according to the Republican theory, all those steps would have been bad for the economy. But Minnesota’s unemployment rate is lower than Wisconsin’s. Minnesota’s median income is around $9,000 higher. The La Crosse Tribune wrote, “Minnesota is winning this border battle.” Now, it is true that, as the Tribune pointed out, Wisconsin does have the Packers. So even a Bears fan can respect the Packers.

But understand, I’m saying this — Wisconsin is this extraordinary state filled with extraordinary people. But if you end up having policies that cut education, help folks at the top, aren’t expanding opportunity, then it’s not going to work. We need better policies — because the bottom line is top-down economics doesn’t work. Middle-class economics works. It works. It works.

Before Republicans begin with the Democrats are afraid of Scott Walker nonsense, let’s discuss the real reason President Obama went to Wisconsin. Obama chose to speak in La Crosse because Scott Walker is the poster boy for failed top-down economics.

The economic damage that Walker has done to his state trails on the complete disasters that Bobby Jindal and Sam Brownback have respectively inflicted on Louisana and Kansas.

By highlighting Walker’s dire economic record, President Obama used his bully pulpit to inform voters about Scott Walker and his agenda. Obama doomed Walker’s White House bid because he is making sure that the appeal of the Kochs’ favorite presidential candidate does not extend outside of the Republican Party.

Obama took apart Walker and exposed why the Republican should never be elected president.

Governor Walker has been sagging the Republican polls for weeks, and President Obama did his part to educate America about the dangers of supporting the Koch brothers’ best boy.

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